Environmental Assessment of End-of-Life Textiles in Denmark

© Athina Koligkioni

Athina Koligkioni

Master’s Thesis – Environmental Engineering - 2017

This study analyzes the environmental effects of the incineration and reuse of textile in the waste management system in Denmark. Through four scenarios, it is determined the incineration of textiles in Denmark, the reuse of textiles in Denmark, in Europe and in Rest of World as also a combined scenario which illustrates the whole Danish system. It is carried out a Mass Flow Analysis (MFA) for the textile flows in order to exploit the circulation of the used textiles and their end-of-life. It is also comprehensively quantified the process and the consumption of the used textiles in Denmark. A consequential life cycle assessment (LCA) was carried out using SimaPro software in order to investigate which scenario has the biggest potential environmental effect of textiles.