Techno-Economic optimization of cooling centrals on Odense city New University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark

© Anders Bloch, SDU

Anders Bloch and Nicolaj Tidemand Haagensen

Master Thesis - Energy technology - 2017

This master thesis investigates possible benefits to utilizing excess heat from electric chillers on cooling centrals on SDU and New OUH. The investigation is split into three scenarios, first two are business cases and the third is done by EnergyPro modelling. First scenario covers two ways of utilizing excess heat from electric chillers on SDU, one is using the heat for district heat purposes and another for replacing electric heater production. The second scenario looks into the investment of a cooling central for the New OUH. Third scenario examine a scenario of connecting district heating and - cooling between the SDU and New OUH.

Collaboration partners
Medic OUH
Fjernvarme Fyn 
Energiplan Fyn

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