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Hydrogen as a key player in synthetic fuel production for future transport systems

Athanasios Karagioras

Master Thesis – Environmental Engineering - 2016

The aim of this master thesis is to study the role of hydrogen as a system integrator. Also to study the production of hydrogen for conversion to synthetic fuel and their utilization in the transport sector, especially for heavy duty transport. Since these types of vehicles have certain limitations to convert to gaseous fuels, there is a need for alternatives to liquid fossil fuels. Several scenarios will be built in order to compare production of hydrogen from wind power through electrolysis to heat pumps and electric boilers for heating demands and industrial processing. Assessments of different synthetic fuels and their impacts on the whole energy systems will also be investigated in this study. The final aspect of this master thesis will focus on the economic viability of these technologies and identifying the optimum hydrogen integration technologies and scenarios for gradual transition towards sustainable energy systems in Denmark. 

Collaborating Partners
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – DTU (Lars Yde and Per Møller)
Partnership for Hydrogen & Fuel Cells: Tejs Jensen