Testing of a new Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor system based on Bio-booster membranes for Vestfyn brewery wastewater treatment

Agnieszka Glab and Zsófia Novotnik

Master Thesis – Environmental Engineering - 2015

The overall aim of the project was to test an Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor system (AnMBR) system for the treatment of industrial waste water from Vestfyen brewery. One of the more specific challenges was to define the amount and composition of biogas produced by any single waste water stream in order to assess if all stream were suited for treatment in the system. Another specific challenge was to assess how different physical properties of the anaerobic sludge influences and relates to the operation of the membrane, especially the fouling of the membrane. Correlations between the dewatering capacity of the sludge and the biological activity were investigated.

Collaboration Partners
Renew Energy A/S - www.renewenergy.dk
DHI-Group - www.dhi.dk
Grundfos A/S - www.grundfos.dk
Vestfyen Bryggeri A/S - www.bryggeriet-vestfyen.dk

Research Project Relations
The study was made in collaboration with on-going EnergiPlus project developing and demonstrating an energy-efficient removal of biodegradable organic matter, indicated as COD (chemical oxygen demand), from industrial wastewater using Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor technology in Vestfyn brewery.