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Environmental assessment of alternative treatment options of household waste post collection from the region of Funen, Denmark

Marianne Rothmann

Master Thesis – Environmental Engineering - 2015

The Danish island of Funen (incl. Langeland and Ærø) is used as an example to elaborate on new municipal solid waste (MSW) management strategies base.

d on central sorting. In this study a detailed network mapping of present waste flows and actors is carried out and the data is used in a mass flow model to simulate new collection and treatment scenarios. In order to determine the best possible collection and treatment of household waste a consequential life cycle assessment (LCA) is performed for comparison, considering present and future framework conditions in terms of possible synergies with the changing Danish energy system.  

Collaboration Partners
All municipalities and waste companies on Funen:
Assens: /
Faaborg-Midtfyn: /
Langeland: /
Kerteminde: /
Odense: /

Research Project Relations
Energiplan Fyn