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New Assistant Professor in Clinical Immunology

January 1st 2014 Marianne Antonius Jakobsen was employed as Assistant Professor at the research unit for Clinical Immunology, Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark.

Marianne Antonius Jakobsen is educated as molecular biologist and since 2002 she has held the position as Lab Manager for the Molecular Biology Laboratory at Department of Clinical Immunology, OUH Odense University Hospital in this position she has been a guest researcher at the research unit.

Marianne is going to teach and research within the area of clinical immunology. She will concentrate her research on microchimerism induced by pregnancies, the genetic background of immunodeficiencies and the development of safe methods for genetic determination of blood groups and the effect of these methods for selected groups of patients.

Marianne has previously conducted research in chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) with focus on a genetic description of all Danish patients diagnosed with the disease. Furthermore she has worked as an application specialist at Roche Diagnostics A/S, mainly within diagnostic in microbiology and pathology based on molecular biology.

Marianne received her PhD from SDU in 2005 after defending her thesis "The co-stimulatory function of dendritic cells. Effect of growth conditions, maturation signals and antigen uptake", she became a MSc in molecular biology from Odense University in 1999 with the thesis "Lipid binding proteins and PPAR-mediated transactivation".

We congratulate Marianne with her new employment and look forward to continuing our collaboration. We are well aware of the benefits the research unit as well as the students gains from Mariannes capability as both researcher and teacher.  

Editing was completed: 09.05.2014