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Pre-graduate researchers affiliated with Department of Clinical Immunology

Two new researches affiliated to the project: "Autoimmune mechanisms in children with celiac disease"...

Karina Søndergaard Rasmussen and Lasse Ringholm Nielsen are both employed as pre-graduate researchers at Paediatric Research Unit, H.C. Andersen's Children's Hospital. Where they work on the project: "Autoimmune mechanisms in children with celiac disease". The laboratorial work connected to the project is done at Department of Clinical Immunology, Odense University Hospital. Supervisors are Professor Steffen Husby, Paediatric Research Unit, Associate Professor Henrik Toft-Hansen, affiliated with Paediatric Research Unit and Department of Clinical Immunology and Professor Torben Barington, Department of Clinical Immunology.

Karina Søndergaard Rasmussen employed February 1st 2013.

Lasse Ringholm Nielsen employed September 1st 2013.

Editing was completed: 08.10.2013