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Researchers from OUH produce genetically engineered cells on a clinical scale for advanced cancer treatment

First CAR-T product completed at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Odense University Hospital

On Friday 4 March 2022 researchers from the Department of Clinical Immunology at OUH 'harvested' the first 'homemade' cells for advanced cancer treatment. These are the so-called CAR-T cells, which are equipped with an artificial receptor for genetic engineering, which means that they can recognize cancer cells when they are given the patient.

An important milestone is reached for the Elite Research Center CITCO, which was established in 2020 as a close partnership between the Department of Clinical Immunology and the Department of Hematology. The goal is to introduce advanced cancer treatment at OUH with CAR-T cells, which is a new very promising treatment for incurable lymph and blood cancers.

The Region of Southern Denmark and OUH have invested in an advanced clean room laboratory on Stærmosegårdsvej in Odense to produce this life-saving medicine. This means that CITCO can continue working on obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals so the treatment can be available to patients in clinical trials.

From left Anne Trommelholt Holm, Louise Midtgaard (Miltenyi Biotec), Heidi Holmsted Gjersen, Henrik Møller Thomsen (Miltenyi Biotec) and Mette Stæhr

Editing was completed: 24.03.2022