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The research unit PAW engages in research and development of the healthy work life. The research activities revolve around studying mechanisms and effects in connection to interventions that benefit the healthy working life. Furthermore, the research activities aim to explain and understand specific issues in five different areas:

The working place as a health arena

The working place as a health arena – PAW has considerable experience with integrating work places in research and development projects. Through many years, PAW has developed and evaluated the health condition and exposures in specific worker groups and developed tailored health interventions. Besides this, PAW is focused on the different effects of physical activities performed as part of the work tasks and performed as part of leisure time and how this in combination impact on the ability to work. A broad range of job sectors on the Danish labour market has been explored, recent research has included health care workers employed in municipalities, surgeons, office employees and musicians.

The local government

The local government and the primary health service. FAS works with issues revolving citizens who in their working life faces situations challenging an appropriate work function. PAW researches how the cooperation is performed between the involved parts, such as the working place and doctor, if the citizen is in risk of notification of illness. The research is focused on citizens maintaining their associations to the labor market. This line of research includes an engagement in the municipal health interventions work for citizens who are sick and therefore cannot work or who are in vocational rehabilitation program.

The primary health care

The primary health care is focused on the importance of preventing disability and thereby promoting the healthy working life. PAW works with the development of technology when it comes to employees with muscle and joint pain. Focus is on employees getting the proper advices in regards to physical activities, sleeping habits and sitting habits. The focus is also, that the employee’s doctor gets direct information about the employee to optimize the course of treatment.

Rehabilitation and monitoring

Rehabilitation and monitoring in the health sector is an area that is in fast development with welfare technological products and services. PAW participates in both development and testing of new innovative and intelligent technologies that can facilitate an active lifestyle and promote self-management. Finally, the focus on evidence-based physical exercise training also means that FAS is involved in examining the rehabilitating effects of physical training within specific groups, such as cancer or head ache patients.

The population in the working active age

The population in the working active age has been studied on the basis of larger cohorts in the Danish population. Physical activity of different job groups has been objectively measured to describe and identify conditions of importance for their health. It is examined how the extent of physical activity at work influences health conditions, and how the amount of daily sitting time influences the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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Last Updated 19.10.2023