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List of all employees at Physical Activity and Health in Working life.

Research Unit of Physical Activity and Health in Working life

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Karen  Søgaard  Professor, Head of Research Unit  +4565504409 
Gisela  Sjøgaard  Professor Emeritus  +4565503456 
Andreas  Holtermann  Adjunct Professor   
Louise  Sandal  Associate Professor  +4565504384 
Mette Jensen  Stochkendahl  Associate Professor  +4565504524 
Tina  Dalager  Associate Professor  +4565508317 
Maja  Schønheyder  Ph.D. fellow  +4565508932 
Anders Dreyer  Frost  PhD Student   
Charlotte Brøgger  Bond  PhD Student  +4565503977 
Stavros  Kyriakidis  PhD Student   
Ilaria Marcella  Piccinini  Research Assistant   
Jesper Stejnicher Drongstrup  Jensen  Research Assistant  +4565509653 
Philip  Wolfgang  Research Assistant  +4565507549 
Linnea Marie  Sjöberg  Movement Consultant  +4565502737 
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Last Updated 19.10.2023