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Intelligent Control Group

At the intelligent control group within CIM we are researching modern methods in control and estimation of mechatronic systems – both for navigation, stabilization, and energy optimization purposes. Our research is supported by a Cyber-Physical laboratory where we implement new algorithms for control and estimation on several physical platforms. Our research strongly links to reduction of energy consumption by virtue of optimizing vehicle paths, optimizing cooling and heating systems, and stabilizing vessels to optimize cargo loading.

Competences at a glance:

  • Data-driven control
  • Adaptive Model Predictive Control
  • Finite-time parameter and state estimation
  • Control of Autonomous Systems

Cyber-Physical Laboratory overview

  • Wide range of Matlab/Simulink-compatible experimental platforms (pneumatics, process control, robotic manipulator, 3D cranes, etc.)
  • Space electronic control unit
  • Speedgoat real-time target machine


Jerome Jouffroy
Associate Professor


 Hossein Ramezani
Associate Professor



Last Updated 02.01.2024