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PhD Projects

On-going PhD projects




Uncovering the algal biochemistry to engineer compartmentalized production of  hetelorogous high value terpenoids

PhD student: Florian Pruckner
Michele Fabris
Expected to be finalised by August 2025 



Microscopic insight to food texture - a cnidarian and cephalopod case study

PhD student: Mie Thorborg Pedersen
Supervisor: Mathias Porsmose Clausen
Expected to be finalised by July 2023



Synthesis of Novel Building Blocks for Nucleic Acid Nano-scale Engineering

PhD student: Asmaa Abdelrahman
Supervisor: Eva Arnspang Christensen
Co-supervisor: Poul Nielsen
Expected to be finalised by October 2023 



Advanced Raman Spectroscopy in Future Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals

PhD student: Jeppe Hagedorn Hansen
Supervisor: Martin A. B. Hedegaard
Co-supervisor: Lars Poulsen
Expected to be finalised by July 2024 



Techno Economic Feasibility of Arabian Gulf Native Seaweed Bio Refinery:  Identification of Bioactive Molecules and Anti Diabetics Agents and Develop Energy (Jet Fuel) Production Process from Native Ulva Sp.

PhD student: Rashed Husain Farzanah

Supervisor: Jens Ejbye Schmidt
Co-supervisor: Juan-Rodrigo Bastidas-Oyanedel
Expected to be finalised by July 2026 


Finalised projects




Development of a biogas-based power to methane technology

PhD student: Brian Dahl Jønson
Supervisor:  Jens Ejbye Schmidt.
Co-supvisors: Muhammad Tahir Ashraf , Martin JeppesenJuan-Rodrigo Bastidas-Oyanedel
Finalised by December 2022 


Imaging Nano-domains in Mammalian Membranes Using Super-Resolution Microscopy and Advanced Analysis

PhD student: Jakob Lavrsen Kure
Supervisor: Eva Arnspang Christensen
Finalised in September 2021



Surface modified nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery

PhD student: Martine K. Notabi
Supervisor: Morten Østergaard Andersen
Co-supervisor: Eva Arnspang Christensen
Finalised in February 2021



In Situ Raman Analysis of Resorbableand Drug Loaded Implants

PhD student: Anders Runge Walther
Supervisor: Morten Østergaard Andersen
Co-supervisor: Martin A. B. Hedegaard
Finalised in February 2021


Microscopic characterization of lignocellulosic systems mediated by spectral entropy
and simplex maximization

PhD studentSimon Vilms Pedersen
Supervisor: Eva Arnspang Christensen
Co-supervisor: Martin A. B. Hedegaard
Finalised in March2020



Identification of Natural Product Drugs for Corneal Diseases Associated with Mutations in theTGFBIGene

PhD student: Marina Linova
Supervisor: Henrik Karring
Finalised in April 2019



Molecular Interactions of Collagen-binding Proteins

PhD student: Morten Mørk Jensen
Supervisor: Henrik Karring
Finalised in February 2019



Identification and Development of Novel Strategies to Reduce Formation of Ammonia in Animal Manure

PhD student: Jens Jakob Sigurdarson Gade
Supervisor: Henrik Karring
Co-supervisor: Thomas Eitinger (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Finalised in September 2019


Energy and Environmentally friendly technologies

PhD student: Charlotte Rennuit
Supervisor: Sasha D. Hafner
Co-supervisors: Sven G. Sommer & Jin Mi Triolo
Finalised in June 2017


Natural Blue Food Colour (Natural Food Colorant Production and Membrane Separation)

PhD student: Maria Cinta Roda-Serrat
Supervisor:Lars Porskjær Christensen
Co-supervisors:Knud Villy Christensen& Xavier Fretté
Finalised in August 2017

Last Updated 22.08.2023