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Exchange students from a partner university pay no tuition. Contact the International Office at your home university for more information. Please ask your International Coordinator to nominate you for SDU Summer School.

Guest students pay tuition fees.



Engineering and
Science courses

Business and Social Sciences


NON-EU student


8.635 DKK per course
 (~ 1.160 EUR)


 4.035 DKK per course
(~ 538 EUR)

3.850 DKK per course
(~ 513 EUR)

EU Students

4.250 DKK per course 
(~ 570 EUR)


2.400 DKK per course
(~ 320 EUR)

2.400 DKK per course
(~ 320 EUR)

Exchange students from partner university

No tuition


No tuition

No tuition



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