Courses offered at SDU International Summer School 2020

Students at the SDU Summer School can choose a 5 ECTS course from a comprehensive list of subjects and courses.

The courses are offered at advanced bachelor level, being able to fit students from both masters or the final part of their bachelor.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the courses below are marked as follows:

Blended*:   the course is offered both online and on campus. If physical presence is not possible, the  course will still run online.
Only online*:   the course is only offered as an online option.
On campus or online*:   the course is offered on campus if possible; otherwise it will go online.
Only on campus*:   the course will only be offered if physical presence on campus is possible; otherwise it will be cancelled.


Business and Economics

Banking and Financial Markets Law - CANCELLED

The course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the legal issues that arise in banking regulation and law. The course aims to investigate the recent developments in banking law, with the new legislation put in place at international and EU level in the aftermath of the crisis.

Please note, that this course is 10 ECTS master course.

Please note that this course has been cancelled.

Course description

Offered in SDU Odense by: Department of Law | Associate Professor Andrea Minto

Decision, Persuasion, and Negotiation - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

Study the rationales that drive human behavior and the common biases that affect the quality of decisions. Understand cultural differences, avoid common pitfalls, and become more effective in decision making, persuading, and negotiating. Learn the most common persuasion techniques and negotiation strategies through case studies, games/experiments, and role-play simulations.

Course description

Offered in SDU Odense by: Department of Marketing and Management | Assistant Professor Huanren Zhang

Market Design - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

Traditional economic policy is incremental, concerned with taxes and subsidies; Market Design is revolutionary. In this class we learn about building social institutions from the bottom up, to solve problems like student-to-school assignment and organ transplant matching. The solutions we find can also be applied within firms and even teams.

Preliminary course description

Offered in SDU Odense by: Department of Business and Economics | Assistant Professor Ryan Tierney

Financial Modelling and Practice - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

The course provides you with skills for understanding the challenges of sustainable development. You will get an introduction to Environmental System Analysis theory, methods and tools. You will learn when and how to apply such methods to the engineering tasks of assessing and designing sustainable solutions. We apply a systems approach throughout the course, and you will get insight in some of the societal frameworks and concepts to sustainability such as Industrial Ecology, Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Economy and Bio-Economy as well as the concept of Cleaner Technology/Best Available Technology and its role in EU environmental regulation. You will get an introduction to some of the core tools, e.g. Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment.

Course description

ffered in SDU Odense by: Department of Business and Economics | Data manager Mo Zhang

Understanding and Using Companies’ Accounting Reports - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

The course provides a basic understanding of accounting with an emphasis on the use of accounting information. It covers accounting knowledge that are fundamental for any managerial positions. The course will discuss how companies’ accounting reports are prepared for internal and external users. The main emphasis will be on how to interpret and analyze accounting information from a user perspective. The key topics include key elements of financial statements such as income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement; basics of financial statement analysis and costs accounting and decision making. The course is intended for students without any accounting background but with interests in business related subjects. Students can expect to gain a working knowledge of key accounting reports and be able to read and, to some extent, interpret real-world reports.

Course description

Offered in SDU Odense by: Department of Business and Economics | Assistant Professor Qiang Guo

Chemistry, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering

Bioresource Technology for Fuel and Sustainability - BLENDED*

Learn about state-of-the-art biofuel technologies of waste biomass conversion and its smart industrial processes. Understand energy potential of waste biomass and get insight into holistic strategies of biomass utilization through zero-carbon approach for a sustainable CO2 neutral technology.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Biotechnology | Associate Professor Jin Mi Triolo

Engineering for Sustainability - BLENDED*

The course provides you with skills for understanding the challenges of sustainable development. You will get an introduction to Environmental System Analysis theory, methods and tools. You will learn when and how to apply such methods to the engineering tasks of assessing and designing sustainable solutions. We apply a systems approach throughout the course, and you will get insight in some of the societal frameworks and concepts to sustainability such as Industrial Ecology, Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Economy and Bio-Economy as well as the concept of Cleaner Technology/Best Available Technology and its role in EU environmental regulation. You will get an introduction to some of the core tools, e.g. Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Life Cycle Engineering | Professor WSR Gang Liu

Chemical Biology - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

In this diverse course, students will learn about the molecular origins of biological processes by applying chemistry to the “building blocks of life” and implementing this knowledge in the space of smart therapeutics, biomolecular structure and function, and drug delivery systems.

Course description (draft version, not finally apporved yet)

Offered in Odense by: Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy | Associate Professor Jasmin Mecinovic

Civil and Architectual Engineering

Experimental Architecture with Computational Design and Digital Fabrication - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

The Summer School will focus on exploring ideas and producing design artifacts as answer to some fundamental driving questions: what kind of tectonic configurations can be enabled by means of digital fabrication such as additive and robotic manufacturing? How do we realize high-performance architecture with it? How can we build bespoke architecture in a sustainable way? Adopting a design/make approach, catalyzed through tailored computational techniques, various structural configurations will be investigated. The school outcomes will be contributing to the creation of an atlas of digitally fabricated tectonic prototypes: experimental architectural configurations where material/form/structure are developed in a coherent design approach which takes full advantage of the potential of emergent fabrication techniques.

Offered in SDU Odense by: Civil and Architectural Engineering | Assistant Professor Roberto Naboni

Urban Resilience - ONLY ONLINE*

Urban resilience aims at increasing the ability of urban systems, to respond systemically and dynamically to present and future shock and stresses related to the major global challenges. Urban resilience is instrumental to address both causes and effects of these mayor global challenges, rethinking the way in which cities are designed, planned and managed, at the same time fostering innovation. The summer school aims at providing the participants with the latest knowledge on urban resilience research, practice and policies through lectures; and to co-develop their skills and knowledge on planning for urban resilience using Odense’s real-life experience and challenges as a living laboratory, through a problem-based workshops.

Offered in Odense by: Civil and Architectural Engineering | Professor WSR Nicola Tollin

Electrical Engineering

Modelling and Simulation of Electrical and Electromechanical Dynamic Systems - BLENDED*

Simulations tools are getting smarter and quicker, and in the years to come they will be taking over and / or improve a lot of laboratory tests for development and prototyping of revolutionary new products. The objective of course is to introduce modelling of dynamic systems with focus on electrical and electromechanically systems, and to simulate response under different situations and with different impacts. You will develop mathematical models for systems such as motors, inverted pendulums, electrical cars etc. and for different purposes. In addition, you will simulate the models under diverse boundary conditions and be introduced to the simulation software Matlab and Simulink world.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Electrical Engineering | Associate Professor Per Andersen

Design of Electronic Circuits - BLENDED*

In this course you will gain a solid theoretical understanding of electrical systems. There will be lectures in both electrical and mechanical topics and you will work with development of a Motor Steering Unit and a Battery Charge Control. Here you will develop and characterize an electronic circuit board, supporting the operation of an electro-mechanical system and learn to apply simulation results in practice. Main topics are: Electromechanical Analysis, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Printed Circuit Board design.

Course description for Design of Electronic Circuits.

Offered in Sønderborg by: CIE - Centre for Industrial Electronics | Associate Professor Steffen Chemnitz

Innovation, Communication, and Design Engineering

Manufacturing Technologies and Business Model Innovation in the Age of Sustainability - ONLY ONLINE*

Nowadays, both technological progress and business model innovation should be intertwined with one of the major paradigms of our time: sustainability. Implementing sustainability along with new technologies within innovative business models requires a holistic perspective paired with specialized knowledge. That is what you can expect from our summer school course, where we investigate smart manufacturing and business model innovation in light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The ultimate outcome for you is in-depth knowledge you can use to develop novel technology-related business ideas while keeping sustainability as a guiding principle in mind.

Offered in Sønderborg by: SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Associate Professor Silke Tegtmeier

Engineering Imagination - ONLY ONLINE*

Learn to understand and work with experience design. The mission of this interdisciplinary creative program for mixed students is to transform engineers into experience designers though the study of tangible fantasies. During the course, students in small teams will conceptualise, develop and test a concept for a Tangible Fantasy. Here a tangible fantasy is defined as a clear, definite and real idea with no current basis in reality. In short, the creation of an improbable thing.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Innovation and Design Engineering | Teaching Assistant Adam Alexander Montandon

Health Tech Innovator - BLENDED*

The challenges of the healthcare systems are apparent and creating a lot of pressure on the current health care systems. For the sector to be able to cope with such future challenges, innovation is needed.In a series of lectures, we will take participants through the important parts of the innovation process in healthcare and relevant technologies, from wicked problems, user-driven innovation, entrepreneurial foundational theories and innovation management tools for aligning entrepreneurial processes with solving real life problems to Intellectual property rights (IPR) and CE marking (health, safety and environmental standards) for product sold within the European Economic Area.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Innovation and Design Engineering | Associate Professor Lykke Margot Ricard

New Corporate Narratives: Sustainable Development Goals and Organizational Narratives - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

Let’s talk about “sustainable development goals” in organizations. An increasing number of organizations are putting matters of sustainability at the forefront of their communication strategies. One prominent example from the public sector is The University of Southern Denmark (SDU), that has announced, as the world’s first university, a dedication to the UN world goals. Overall, discourses of competitiveness, profit optimization, growth, and market domination seem to have lost their dominant standing in strategic organizational communication. But are corporations, public or private, to serve sustainability values, in the first place? And how can we distinguish “real” sustainability from communicative greenwashing in modern organizations?  An international group of researchers and experts within the field aim to discuss, with students, this new wave of corporate sustainability narratives.

N.B. Teaching period for this particular course is August 10-19.

Offered in Kolding by: Department of Design and Communication | Associate Professor Klarissa Lueg

Manufacturing and Management Engineering

Project Management - ONLY ONLINE*

You will learn how to analyze projects and project processes, and as a result, contribute to the accomplishment of projects. You will obtain insight into the project management discipline and its’ concepts and assumptions, and will be able to independently utilize the knowledge obtained to work out a project mandate with matching analyses and plans, and also to be able to evaluate project descriptions, analyses and plans worked out by other people. Furthermore, you will be able to independently follow-up on analyses and plans, and in the light of these provide proposals for an appropriate management effort.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Engineering Operations Management | Associate Professor Miguel Malek Malouf

Six Sigma - ONLY ONLINE*

A major part of quality management and cost optimization is quality or process improvement. Of the many methods available, Six Sigma is currently one of the more popular methods. In this course the student will learn the Six Sigma method to the level of Green Belt and be able to apply Six Sigma in practice after the course. The course will present cases from production/manufacturing, service and supply chains.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Engineering Operations Management | Associate Professor Mads Bruun Larsen

Sustainable Development Goals and Global Production Systems - ONLY ONLINE*

Since United Nations launched the global sustainability development goals for 2030 companies across the global have embraced strategies encompassing the SDGs. Yet, unless the companies manage to implement their commitment in the design of their (global) operations there is a danger the SDGs will maintain being strategic commitments only. The aim of the summer school course is to zoom in on the SGDs in general and in particular on the challenges pertaining to implementing them in global production systems/operations as wells as how to overcome the challenges.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Engineering Operations Management | Professor Jan Vang Brambini-Pedersen

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Project Based Design of Electrical Circuits and Mechanical Systems - ONLY ONLINE*

In this course you will gain a solid theoretical understanding of Mechatronics Systems. There will be lectures in both electrical and mechanical topics and you will work with development of a Control Mechanism for Brake System and simulate/test Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer. Having completed the course you will have developed mechanical and electrical systems supporting the operation of an electromechanical system and learned to apply simulation results in practice. Main topics are: Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Methods, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Printed Circuit Board, Solar Cell Technology.

Course description for Project based design of electrical circuits and mechanical systems.

Offered in Sønderborg by: SDU Mechatronics | Assistant Professor Hamid Arionfard

Applied Composite Drone Manufacturing - BLENDED*

Drones come in various forms and shapes. The purpose of flying requires smart constructions and lightweight materials, such as composites. The composite lab at the Danish drone center offers various composite manufacturing technologies and materials to build different types of drones. The range of processes spans from additive manufacturing with composite materials over to filament winding and vacuum infusion. Natural fibers, like flax, offer sustainable composites but also glass and carbon fibers could lead to flying solutions.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Mechanical Engineering | Assistant Professor Raphael Geiger

Experimental Fluid Mechanics - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

This course introduces methods and techniques for measurement and data analysis in experimental fluid mechanics, e.g. study of aerodynamic in wind tunnel and hydrodynamics in pipes and ducts. During the course you will go through the following subjects: Dimensional analysis, flow similarity and model studies, Design and analyses of experiments and Experiences with different measurement technologies for experiments in fluids.After participation in the course you will be able to plan and conduct experiments in fluids and to document the result from laboratory experiments in a report.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Mechanical Engineering | Associate Professor Ivar Lund

Additive Manufacturing - CANCELLED

The opportunities and technology advances within Additive Manufacturing are set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, but up to 80% of all manufacturing companies are not even exploring the multipurpose technology. The objective of the course is to break down the knowledge barriers, by an overall introduction to the AM processes and technologies. In collaboration with industrial cases you will create a strategic mindset of where and how to apply additive manufacturing applications. Based on an Additive Manufacturing action plan the course will explore the “design for additive” concept, bridging ideas to printing technology leading to a final industrial result. You will develop skills in both designing, printing and evaluating the additive manufacturing components. The course will be organized in collaboration with Stratasys and other leading experts in industrial Additive Manufacturing in Denmark.

Please not that this course has been cancelled.

Offered in Odense by: SDU Mechanical Engineering |  Associate Professor Henrik Blichfeldt

Physics, Energy and Engineering Physics

Introduction to Nano-optics - BLENDED*

This course introduces analytical tools used to model and understand the behavior of light in atoms and materials that are structured on small scales compared with the free-space optical wavelength. We will review simple concepts of electromagnetism, relating far and near-field microscopy, propagating and evanescent waves, as well as linear and nonlinear response theory based on classical and quantum mechanical approaches. These concepts will then be applied to study light-matter interactions in quantum light emitters and low-dimensional systems, with special emphasis on plasmon- and exciton-polaritons in 2D materials (e.g., graphene or atomically-thin semiconductors) for applications in optical sensing, all-optical transistors, and quantum information technology.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Nano Optics | Assistant Professor Joel Cox

The Million Dollar Question at the Heart of Astrophysics, Climate Physics and Mathematics - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

Do you want to unlock the secrets hidden in the Navier-Stokes equations and claim the million dollar CMI Millennium Prize? In this summer school you will study the physics and mathematics of the Navier-Stokes and Jeans equations. you will derive the equations starting from the basic laws of physics and apply them to problems in galactic dynamics and dark matter as well as the climate.

Course description

Offered in Odense by: Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy | Assistant Professor Mads Toudal Frandsen

Political Sciences and Public Administration

Quality Education: Human Capital for Building Resilient Societies - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

Quality education and human capital - the knowledge, skills, traits and attributes embodied in real human beings - are the key driver of the wellbeing of people (micro) and nations (macro). This is true both for today’s knowledge economies and developing economies; it is likely to be even more true for building sustainable and resilient societies in tomorrow’s automated, globalized economies. Why are human capital and quality education – and Sustainable Development Goal 4 - so important? Beyond policy input thinking, how to open the black box of quality here – what precisely is quality education in the light of future labor markets? What are the roles of cognitive skills and noncognitive traits in this? What is the ideal bandwidth of future-able skills? How to boost creative, adaptive and resilient young minds? Which policies are most likely to be effective in boosting these various dimensions, and which reforms are needed? Why should states invest in people, and how can they do so smartly? We study Nobel Prize winning economists such as Paul Romer, Gary Becker, and James Heckman, as well as leading political scientists, sociologists and education policy scholars to understand and answer these key questions for sustainable societies.

Course description

Offered in SDU Odense by: Department of Political Science and Public Management  | Professor Pieter Vanhuysse

Regulating the Future The EU and the Global Sustainable Development Goals - ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE*

The aim of the course is to understand how the EU works and how it can meet the challenges it faces and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals against the backdrop of a world shaped by ever more rapid technological changes.The course will represent an innovative interfaculty approach to learning about the EU and how the EU can be used to meet the challenges facing both Europe and the rest of the world today and in the future. The course aims to break down disciplinary silos and to present a structure facilitating cooperation between students from different academic backgrounds, by encouraging them to take an interdisciplinary approach to critical global sustainable development problems.

Course description

Offered in Odense by: Department of Political Science and Public Management  | Professor WSR Christilla Roederer-Rynning

Robotics and Drone Technology

Biologically Inspired Robotics - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

Robots inspired by the structure as well as by neural mechanisms in animal brains are playing an increasingly important role as a link between biology and robotics. Students will be introduced to biologically-inspired approaches to robotics – embodied artificial intelligence, neurorobotics and biorobotics. You will learn about how neurons for sensing and control in the biological brain work and their equivalent models as well as how to build simple brains that for robots by connecting these artificial neurons together to solve a task. You will also learn how neurons in the brain learn to adapt their behaviour to changes in the environment and control the body accordingly. Finally, you will learn how to model mechanisms of biological learning and apply them to build simple brains for robots that learn to solve tasks and to improve their performance.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Embodied Systems for Robotics and Learning | Assistant Professor Danish Shaikh

Robots in Context - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

Robots are getting smarter and smarter, and in years to come they will be taking over a number of tasks for human beings, and according to some people in the field, there seems to be almost no end to the utilization of robots.This course will give students an overview of the commercially available robots and their application areas, the research activities at the university in robot technology, including artificial intelligence, and to introduce students to some essential robot activities such as path planning and surface treatment as well as an introduction to robot vision systems.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Robotics | Assistant Professor Cheng Fang

Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

This course will teach you the basics of drone technology hardware, software and systems. This course involves introduction to the UAVs theories and technologies followed by laboratory exercises in SDU Drone Lab and SDU UAS Test Center at the airport. Based on the knowledge and experiences you gain during this course you will build and fly a multirotor UAV outside at the airport (in teams of 3-4 students). Throughout the course, focus will be on integration of components and subsystems required for a drone platform.

Offered in Odense by: SDU UAS Centre | Assistant professor, PhD, Maryamsadat Tahavori

Software Engineering and Computer Science

Continuous Delivery and DevOps - ONLY ON CAMPUS*

During the course you will learn to apply software engineering practices and tools from professional software developers. The course in Software Delivery and DevOps is organized by Praqma and SDU and you will get tips and tricks on how to use Git, Docker, Jenkins and more. After completing the course you will be able to: 1. Construct a continuous delivery pipeline and apply it on a small software project, 2. Apply professional tools for build, test, and deployment automation, 3. Demonstrate DevOps mindset, 4. Compare Continuous Delivery and DevOps with other software engineering approaches, describe their prerequisites, benefits and barriers, 5. Explain how continuous delivery can support innovation experiments and value creation.

Course description for Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Offered in SDU Odense by: SDU Software Engineering | Associate Professor Lone Borgersen

Deep Learning - ONLY ONLINE*

Learn about the theoretical background and concepts driving deep learning and discuss the most noteworthy applications and their limitations. Apply and implement deep neural networks to solve various machine learning tasks.

Course description

Offered in SDU Odense by: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science | Assistant Professor Richard Röttger

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Course period:
3 August - 14 August

Application deadline:
Extended until 1 June, 2020

No tuition fees for exchange students

5 ECTS advanced bachelor level