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Meet Igor Kadragic


What did you study in your Bachelor and Master and when did you graduate?

I studied Economics and Management of Innovation at Trieste University as a bachelor. Then I moved to do ERM at SDU. I graduated in 2013.


How was your time studying in Esbjerg? What did you like about the city and SDU?

It was a good experience. I felt I was a little detached with the home that had been assigned to me. This however acted also as a motivator for me to get out and meet people. This aside, I believe it was great. The program is broad and ambitious and oriented towards the research base of environmental and resource problems.


Why did you choose to study Environmental and Resource Management at SDU?

Because it had a great balance of courses (economics vs technical vs policy related) which I thought was interesting.


Where are you working now and how did you get there?

I work in Berlin at CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the global environmental reporting system. At CDP I primarily engage with large stock-listed companies and provide them with support, recommendations and data analysis with the aim of ultimately improving their environmental performance and disclosure quality.


What are your future plans regarding work?

I want to stay in the NGO sector and work on innovative and evolving ways to drive the corporate world towards a true, sustainable and sustained approach to tackling climate related issues.



Meet Lana Schertzer

My career after MSc in Environmental and Resource Management

I graduated from SDU in 2016 and am currently employed as a Sustainability Analyst at AAK in the field of corporate sustainability. My daily work includes managing sustainability reporting requirements and frameworks, which are communicated with AAK employees and external stakeholders. My role is to support progress in environmental management of company’s operations in twenty five locations across the world.  

Previously I had the opportunity to work in public and private organizations on projects that support sustainable development in following  three areas: accounting of greenhouse gas emissions, policy analysis of the effects of phasing down hydrofluorocarbons in the global cooling industry and development of international energy efficiency projects in municipal lighting and water systems.

A career in environmental and resource management seems to be unique to each of my fellow ERM colleagues, because of the difference in our background and the fact that the sustainability field is a relatively young science.


Why study Environmental and Resource Management at SDU?

The ERM programme provided me with fundamental theoretical knowledge, as well as practical sustainability tools, such as RStudio. The study of sustainability science and management disciplines compromises of a wide range of themes, from resource and energy management to economics.

In line with a Danish approach to education, there was a strong emphasis on working in teams on projects and course exams. Being located in Esbjerg Municipality, students have the opportunity to reach out to a group of local energy companies that are, within the Energy Metropolis Denmark brand, creating a hub for sustainable development. 

Flexible education programme

The education provides the flexibility to personalize one’s own competence profiles and many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. In example, it is possible to apply for an individual study programme, in relation with elective courses or an industrial internship or Master thesis abroad.

This flexibility allowed me to do an internship in Novo Nordisk in Zealand and learn more about corporate sustainability within this programme. 

Scholarship opportunities

I am grateful to SDU for providing me with a scholarship to attend the 2014 The International Alliance of Research Universities’ Sustainability Science Congress in Copenhagen, and for the practical and financial support for organizing an extracurricular educational workshop on energy management.

The rules around SU scholarship are constantly changing, but at that point, under certain conditions, foreign students from EU could receive the SU scholarship.