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Admission to vacant study places

How to apply

To apply for vacant study places, you must create an application in the application portal DANS. 

What your application must contain

Your application must contain the same documentation of your qualifications as when applying for regular admission. However, you do not need to upload a motivational letter, CV, or similar. 

See general requirements for application and documentation here

Applications are prioritised based on the time of application

When applying for vacant study places, the regular criteria for prioritising among qualified applicants do not apply. Applicants are ranked based on the time of application, so the earlier you apply, the better your chance of admission.

Who can apply? 

To apply for admission to vacant study places, you must be a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland or have a valid residence permit in Denmark until study start.

You cannot apply for vacant study places if you have previously attended the same program.

Response to your application

We respond to applications continuously. For many programmes, we will send responses already during June and July, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee responses before August.

You will receive the response in the Application portal and then have 7 days to accept an offered place.

Vacant places

Until June 10, programmes with vacant study places will be announced continuously.

Last Updated 07.06.2024