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Do you want to play a role and make a difference by analyzing, managing and solving environmental and natural resource problems and issues of the 21st Century?

With a Master of Science in Environmental and Resource Management you will attain a set of competencies, which allow you to work with a great number of different tasks in environmental management – both in the public and the private sector, as well as in NGOs and stakeholder organisations: 

  • Graduates will be able to design and conduct analysis of existing or future environmental strategies and policies within an organisation or at a societal level
  • Your job opportunities will be many: for example working as an advisor for business leaders, who must consider environmental impacts of their decisions and develop competitive advantage
  • Or working as an environmental leader where you will benefit from the business skills in combination with natural science, technical and economic issues in the proposed solutions to environmental problems
  • With the international perspective the education can be used globally in numerous contexts. Together with the approaches learned, the education will enable you to specialise and find work in your particular area of interest.



Environmental Process Consultant, Climate Coordinator, Climate Manager, Project Coordinator, Environmental Responsibility Manager, Environmental Coordinator, Research fellow and PhD Student.



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