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There are countless job opportunities with the MSc in Economics. This degree is internationally recognized and opens the doors to opportunities abroad or international workplaces in Denmark.

With this degree you gain the skills to excel in various sectors, both private companies and public institutions.

With this degree you will be qualified for jobs as:

  • Economist
  • Consultant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Leader/Manager
  • Analyst
  • Data manager
  • Market advisor 
  • Portfolio manager
  • Researcher

You could, for example, work in:

  • Financial organizations and insurance companies
  • Ministries, regions, and municipalities
  • Consulting firms
  • Higher educational or research institutions
  • The central bank
  • International institutions
    - The World Bank
    - EU, OECD, UN, and Eurostat
  • Private companies and organizations