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Do you want to be part of an international study environment?

If you want to pursue a career in business, economics and management while improving your intercultural communication and language skills then the Master of Science (MSc) in Business, Language and Culture is the right choice for you.

Based at the University of Southern Denmark’s beautiful, modern and international Sonderburg Campus, the MSc in Business, Language and Culture is your choice for the best opportunity to extend your knowledge in the areas of marketing, business economics and business administration while improving your intercultural awareness and business language skills.

An international study

Versatile, student-centered, and flexible, the programme consists of disciplines from the social sciences and the humanities. The compulsory disciplines include marketing, economics, communication and culture as well as a language specialization (English or Northern European Neighbour Languages). All courses are in English except for those courses focusing on language learning, specifically.  

The dual degree possibility

The education is an international, cross-disciplinary full-degree programme that gives you the right to the title Master of Science, but it also allows you the possibility of a dual degree, offered in collaboration with the Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF). The dual degree possibility consists of the Danish MSc in Business, Language and Culture and the German MA in International Management Studies - BWL (German language skills are required - keep informed via Read more about the dual degree possibility. The MSc programme and its opportunity for students to graduate from two different universities in two different countries is truly unique and affords the students a hands-on experience of living in and contributing to an international environment.


That is why you should study...

  • You develop skills in marketing, economics, language, business, communication and more in an intercultural setting and your degree will be avenue to exiting and international job opportunities
  • You will strive in a research-oriented university setting with a great international reputation and environment
  • The study climate is very social, familiar, with many extracurricular offers for further qualification

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