Programme structure

The master of science in business, language, and culture comprises 2 years of graduate study following the BA in international business administration and foreign languages. In addition to its 3 semesters of teaching, one semester is reserved for writing the master's thesis.

How the study programme is organized?
When choosing the master of science in business, language, and culture in Flensburg, you have already made sure your studies have an international dimension. Along with this master programme, you may study various branches of international management offered at the German graduate study programme MA Management Studies.

The two master programmes are complementary in many respects, which means that integration is possible. Thus you may pass the German master of science (comprising 120 ECTS) as well as the Danish master of science (also comprising 120 ECTS) within two years. If you choose to pass both programmes at the same time, of course your work load will exceed 120 ECTS (depending of course on the electives you choose in each individual case). However, the master's thesis of each study programme is credited by the other programme, meaning that you will have to write one thesis only, provided of course that you comply with the formal requirements set up by the University of Southern Denmark as well as with those stipulated by the University of Flensburg.

The master of science in business, language and culture comprises 3 semesters of teaching plus 1 semester for writing the master´s thesis. You are required to pass exams corresponding to 120 ECTS within 2 years.

The Master of Science in International Business, Language, and Culture comprises constituent discipline elements (90 ECTS) and optional courses (30 ECTS).

Structure of the study programme

The following social science disciplines are compulsory for all students:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Comparative Economic Systems
  • Social Research and Methodology

The following humanities disciplines are also compulsory for all students:

  • Foreign language I (oral and written proficiency – Danish, German, or English as foreign languages)
  • Business Communication/Intercultural Communication

In addition to the above compulsory disciplines, students must choose one of 4 profiles: 

  • Option 1): Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Option 2): Strategy & Organization
  • Option 3): Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
  • Option 4): Marketing and Media Management
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