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Programme structure

Programme structure

The Master of Science in Business, Language and Culture comprises 2 years of graduate study following the BSc in international business administration and foreign languages. In addition to its 3 semesters of teaching, one semester is reserved for writing the master's thesis. The programme consists of constituent discipline elements (90 ECTS) and elective courses (30 ECTS).

Contents of the programme

The following business economic and social economic disciplines are compulsory for all students:

  • Strategic Marketing in the Business to Business Context
  • Trends in Applied Economics
  • Social Research and Methodology

The following language and communication disciplines are also compulsory for all students:

  • Foreign language I (oral and written proficiency – Danish, German, or English as foreign languages)
  • Business Communication/Intercultural Communication

Pursuing the dual degree option?

The Master of Science in business, language, and culture at SDU is already a unique disciplinary blend offered at SDU's most international campus. You have the chance to add to the international dimension by pursuing a dual degree – alongside the MSc at SDU you can obtain the MA in International Management Studies at the Europa-Universität Flensburg. The two Master programmes are complementary and allow for mutual integration. Both are full-time master programmes comprising 120 ECTS and if you decide to pursue the dual degree, be aware that your workload will exceed the usual 120 ECTS points for a Master programme. The exact amount of the extra workload will depend on your choice of elective modules. However, the master's thesis of each study programme is credited by the other programme, meaning that you will have to write one thesis only, provided of course that you comply with the formal requirements set up by the University of Southern Denmark as well as with those stipulated by the University of Flensburg.

For dual degree students, teaching takes place at SDU's campus in Sonderburg and EUF's campus in Flensburg. The two campuses, albeit in two different countries, are served by a shuttle bus for students only, and financed primarily by the participating universities but also secondarily by users' fees. The bus runs from Flensburg to Sonderburg in the morning and returns to Flensburg in the afternoon on teaching days in Sonderburg.

The double-degree option gives you a choice between four profiles through which you sharpen your academic competences and specialize your degree:

  • Profile 1): Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Profile 2): Strategy & Organization
  • Profile 3): Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
  • Profile 4): Marketing and Media Management

The profiles each afford a variety of profile-specific courses and elective modules. For more information, go here and click 'Profil' (in German). If you are considering the double-degree option, be aware of the German requirements at EUF.

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