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Development Engineer specialised in mechanics

  • This Programme is offered in Sønderborg
  • This Programme is taught in English

As newly graduated mechatronics engineer Poul Anders Thomsen went directly into employment at Linak nine months ago. Here he is part of a project on the development of a new electric linear actuator, i.e. a device that can push or lift heavy objects and is used as, for example, patient lifters or hospital beds.

‘I am involved in the project at many stages. Among other things, I am involved in idea and concept development, planning and execution of tests, economics, CAD construction, and communication with suppliers; in addition to the more traditional engineering tasks such as calculations’, he says.

Specialist in mechanics
As a development engineer Poul Anders has a specialist function and works especially on the mechanical challenges. That means that he is responsible for development tasks where the framework has been predefined based on the customer’s demands and needs.

 ‘Working on a new product it is my job to calculate, examine, test and document – and in cooperation with others – to assess the possibilities. That way we reach the best result’, he says. 

Development based on economy and quality
The actuator is developed because the customers demand a stronger and cheaper model – and such expectations can be a challenge to meet, says Poul Anders: 

‘We are constantly challenged by the demand to keep costs below a certain level, which is why I am working on developing a simpler and less expensive design. It is somewhat of a balancing act to develop a product that works as intended and at the same time is at the right price level – if the solution is too expensive it is back to the drawing board’, he says.


The Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechatronics is a 3.5 year programme. During your studies you will study the following themes:

- Discover mechatronics
- Build mechatronics
- Develop mechatronics
- Mechatronics and the environment

In the sixth semester you carry out an internship at a company in Denmark or abroad and the last semester is dedicated to your final project.