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Participate in developing innovative and user-friendly products

Do you want to design and develop products that are innovative and user-friendly? Then a degree in Integrated Design might be something for you.

When products are developed,  the problem can be seen from many different angles, e.g. the user, the technician and the designer. It requires knowledge of  technology, user, market, economy, sustainability, design and much more.
To combine all these things, you must be a good project manager and not at least a good team player, that is why projects and project management are an imprortant part through the education.

We work with a creative and technical approach to product development. You will get the opportunity to work with idea creation, design and models while depth technically working with construction, materials and CAD. 

In the programme, you will build up both your creative and your technical skills. So you can solve many different product development tasks. If you like to work in wholes and details, then the programme is just for you! 

What will I learn? 

As a Bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design, you will become proficient to many different things. You get a good broad knowledge and skills to

work creatively and innovatively with issues
work investigatively and analytically with user and market needs
work with project finance
work systematically with project management and management
calculate and construct products
select materials and production processes
work holistically with product development

and much more.

How is the programme structured?

Each semester is based on a main theme, which becomes the basis for the semester's theory and project work.

In the 1st semester, you will gain basic knowledge of integrated design and systematic product development. In the second semester, the focus is at concepts and methods for developing products that create new or increased value for users and companies. The focus in the 3rd semester is at construction of product solutions as well as sustainability. In the 4th semester, you and your project group must carry out a project in collaboration with a company, where you must work with all parts of integrated product development. In the 5th semester, the focus is on entrepreneurship and innovation and you can specialize in an optional subject area through electives. You also have the opportunity to study a semester abroad. In the 6th semester, you will have a mandatory internship in a company. The internship can be spent in Denmark or abroad. In the 7th semester and final semester, you will carry out a graduation project - in collaboration with a company.

What can I become?

The programme prepares you for a wide range of job titles, where you can handle both technical and creative tasks. You can, for example, get a job as a project manager, development engineer in the teams that are responsible for the development of new products or as a product development manager in a wide variety of industries and much more.

Can I continue my studies?

A BEng in Integrated Design is an independent, completed programme. So, after the 3½ years, you are a graduate engineer and ready to start your professional career.
If you want to immerse yourself further and continue your studies, you can continue your studies and take a MSc in Engineering - Product Development and Innovation.

That is why you should study...

  • You will help to develop innovative products
  • You will combine your creative and technical skills
  • You will learn how to think holistically and manage projects 
  • You will learn how to develop innovative solutions to specific problems

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