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Control the process from the initial idea to the finished product

Do you want an international degree that combines business understanding and technical insight? Then the Product Development and Innovation programme may be for you.

Product Development and Innovation is an interdisciplinary, international programme where you combine engineering competencies with business understanding. You will be the project manager who manages the process from the initial idea to its production. You will be the one who sees the potential in new technologies and knows how to develop it into a business.

The programme enables you to work as a problem solver throughout the development process of new products. Its interdisciplinarity ensures that you become a market-oriented engineer who can handle future products, where technology and business understanding are combined.

What will I learn?

With a degree in Product Development and Innovation, you combine engineering with business and product understanding, which gives you the skills to be able to plan and implement complex innovation projects and development tasks, use the latest theories of innovation and change, know and be able to handle new knowledge and new technologies, organise business activities, know the needs of target groups and carry out market analysis, lead interdisciplinary project work and much more.

The programme provides you with knowledge about design, product manufacturing in global networks, materials, technological processes, creative idea development, market analysis, product planning, innovation management, business understanding, global networks, and industrial design.

Read more about subjects and curriculum here.

How is the programme structured?

The programme consists of a combination of theoretical courses and practical project work. Each semester is based on a main theme, which becomes the basis for the semester's theory and project work.

In the first semester, the focus is on the product development process. In the second semester, you work with creativity and idea development. In the third semester, you will learn how to bring a concept to a more detailed design stage. In the fourth semester you will gain even more knowledge about product development, product planning and global networks. Fifth semester is all about innovation, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary skills. You can also study this semester abroad, which is particularly relevant when you study Product Development and Innovation. In the sixth semester, you will write your bachelor project based on all your knowledge from the previous semesters.

The programme takes place in an international study environment, where the teaching primarily takes place in English.

Read more about the structure of the programme here.

Master's Degree

The bachelor's program lasts three years, after which you take the two-year master's programme to achieve a MSc in Engineering. Here you can, for example, work with value creation in products and product development processes in a global context or the development of new products, where you involve sustainability and users along the way.
Read more about the master's programme in Product Development and Innovation.

What can I become?

This programme gives you several career opportunities - both in Denmark and abroad. For example, you will be able to get a job as a market analyst, product planner, developer, project manager in design and production companies. You can work with all types of products - from iPhones to wind turbines - either as a designer or as the one who integrates the business and technical aspects. You can also continue with a 3-year research programme, which leads to a PhD degree.
Read more about your career opportunities here.

That is why you should study...

  • You get an internationally oriented education
  • You will combine technical insight with business understanding
  • You will become an expert in the process of product development

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