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Erasmus internships

Internships/clinical rotations at Odense University Hospital

The Faculty of Health Sciences can only help students from partner universities in arranging clinical rotations at Odense University Hospital.

The Faculty distinguishes between:

  • Erasmus+ Traineeships (from within EU/EEC)
  • Internships (from outside EU/EEC)

The Faculty is not able to offer international students coming as Erasmus+ Traineeships/Internships help in arranging clinical rotations, postgraduate clinical training or finding research internships at a department or research unit.

Erasmus+ Traineeships/Internships has to be arranged directly with a relevant department at Odense University Hospital (OUH) or a specific department/research unit at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). This means that you are responsible for the initial contact to the relevant clinician/doctor, professor, researcher or research group and for planning the Erasmus+ Traineeship. You should have a clear motivation and argumentation for your traineeship when initiating contact. If a department/research unit at OUH or SDU agrees to host a visiting international student for a clinical placement/research internship, the host department is the sole responsible part for monitoring the learning requirements of the visiting student. The person responsible at the place where the stay takes place, does all signatures regarding the stay.

Enrollment: Erasmus Trainees/Interns are not enrolled as students at SDU and as such cannot participate in lectures/courses. They will not get any official university documentation (transcripts). They are not automatically insured and should arrange for full-time liability and accident assurance during their stay.

Documentation: The department and doctor hosting you is also responsible for providing you with all necessary, official documents. Only the hosting department can correctly and legally document your internship. Please make sure that this is accepted by your home university. Accordingly, when an internship/clinical rotation is planned together with OUH, SDU cannot provide any official documents. Please make sure this is not required from your home university. 

Housing: As you are not enrolled  at SDU, you cannot benefit from SDU's housing guarantee.

Insurance: Make sure you have proper full-time insurance - both accident and liability as you are not covered by SDU or OUH.

Organization SDU / OUH
Even though SDU has a medical school and cooperates with all hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark, SDU and OUH are still separate legal institutions. SDU cannot decide or control whom the hospitals invite to join them as interns, employees, guests and so on. For more information about SDU’s and OUH’s collaboration, please refer to this OUH website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The Faculty’s website also has a description of clinical education at the regional hospitals.

Last Updated 02.01.2023