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Courses for exchange students

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Important information - Please read first!

Teaching at the Faculty of Health Sciences is divided into quarters. Courses are located in the 1st quarter (September-November and February-April) or 2nd quarter (November-January and April-June). 1 quarter consists of 7 teaching weeks and 2 examination weeks.

You can check where courses are located and look out for potential schedule overlaps. For the Spring semester, timetables are usually available in mid-December. For the Autumn semester, timetables are usually available in mid-June.

Find a timetable: a) Click on the course. b) Scroll down to MySchedule and click on the fold-out, c) Click Show full timetable

When you are enrolled, you can access timetables and course material via Itslearning.

Sports Science offers two intensive courses.

Each course weighs 15 ECTS and runs over 3 consecutive weeks including examination with teaching from 8 am to 5 pm.   

The following courses are only open to MSc students:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Register-based Analyses in Intervention Effect Studies

Last Updated 20.09.2023