Courses offered in English


Important information - Please read first!

Course codes

Each course has a code referring to the study programme and academic level: 


  • Psychology: S60xx
  • Public Health: S50xx
  • Sports Science: S43xx


  • Audiology: S85xx
  • Health Science: S90xx
  • Medicine: S15xx
  • Public Health: S55xx
  • Sports Science: S45xx
Quarter system
To find out if a course is located on the 1st or 2nd quarter of the semester, click on the course below. Scroll down to MySchedule and click the drop-down. Click Show full time table.
Academic level
Master courses in Sports Science, Public Health and Audiology are open to 3rd year Bachelor students if they meet the mandatory prerequisites for the specific course
Public Health
The courses Cardiac Rehabilitation and Register-based Analyses in Intervention Effect Studies are only open to Master students