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You may supplement your qualifications if you do not meet the admission requirements

You can supplement whether you are applying in quota 1 or quota 2. This means that you can participate in the entrance exams in quota 2 even if you are not enrolled in or have completed the supplementation.

When completing your application on, you must specify the subject and level you are supplementing and whether you will complete it before or after July 5th. You do not need to provide documentation of your enrollment in the supplementary subject.

Please be aware that you cannot improve your average grade from your qualifying examination by supplementing.

Important dates:
  • If you are supplementing before July 5th, ensure that your exam certificate is uploaded to your application on no later than July 5th at 12:00 PM.
  • If you are supplementing after July 5th (summer supplementation), simply indicate this in your application on

If you are summer supplementing and are offered a study place, your admission will be conditional on passing your supplementation by August 31st. This date is also the deadline for uploading your certificate on
Optag SDU.

If you complete your upper secondary education (hf, hhx, htx, stx, or eux) after May 1, 2022, you should be aware that your grade point average from your secondary school examination may be lower after you have supplemented.

The grade you receive in the supplementary subject will be factored into your overall grade point average if the grade for the supplementary subject lowers your average grade. In other words, you cannot improve your average by supplementing.

Your grade point average will be adjusted downward

When we receive your examination results after supplementation, your grade point average will be recalculated, and if it is lower than your previous grade point average, the new grade point average will apply.

Your grade point average will only be adjusted for the programme(s) where the supplementary subject is a specific admission requirement, and it only applies to the programmes you are applying for in quota 1.

Adjustment does not affect the grade requirement

For programmes with grade requirements in quota 1, we will use your original grade point average from your secondary school diploma. The adjustment only impacts your grade point average in relation to the admission quotient.

If your grade point average is lower than the admission quotient

You will lose your study place if your adjusted grade point average is lower than the admission quotient for the programme you have applied to. This applies even if you receive your examination results after summer supplementation, just before the start of studies on September 1st.

Note: Applicants with a different basis for admission than a Danish upper secondary education diploma, including applicants with international or foreign certificates, are not subject to the adjustment rules.

Specifically for Medicine, Clinical Biomechanics, and Psychology:

If you are supplementing for these programmes after July 5th, you can only supplement one level in a single subject. If you need additional subjects or subject levels, these must be completed by July 5th.

However, you can supplement with multiple subjects if you are applying for admission with a winter start. This is possible for Clinical Biomechanics and Medicine with a master's programme in Odense. For winter start, you must submit proof of successful supplementation by January 31st to

We recommend that you take and successfully complete supplementary courses at upper secondary level or single-subject courses at the HF level.

You can find information about the available subjects, course durations, as well as details about the application process and financial aspects on or

If you are supplementing to meet the grade requirements for a specific programme combination, you must complete the subjects by July 5th.

The examination certificate should be uploaded to your application on no later than July 5th at 12:00.

Competency Assessment
If you believe you possess qualifications equivalent to the required subject and level, you can contact your local VUC (Adult Education Center) to inquire about the possibility of undergoing an Individual Competency Assessment (IKV). However, please note that a competency assessment cannot be used for subjects where you need to meet a specific grade requirement.
Note: If you choose to undergo an Individual Competency Assessment, you must still adhere to the important deadlines for supplementation (see: Important Dates).
Alternatively, you can apply for an exemption from the admission requirement if you have acquired qualifications in another way that are equivalent to the admission requirement. Read more about the possibility of exemption here.






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