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Supplementary courses

You must take supplementary courses if you do not fulfil the specific entry requirements or if you want to improve your grade point average of the course combination which is mentioned in the requirements to either:

  • Fulfil the requirement of the grades
  • Improve your chances in quota 2 for programmes that assess your application by the GPA of a specific course or a course combination

Please note, that you are not able to improve the GPA  of your qualifying examination.

Taking supplementary courses/language tests:

  • Before 5 July: 
    You can take several courses/levels if the course/test is finished and the documentation ready before 5 July.
  • After 5 July (during summer): 
    Supplementary courses taken after 5 July must be finished before programme start, i.e. 31 August. Your admission will be conditional until you have passed the missing course level.
    Are you taking supplementary courses to improve the GPA of a course combination to fulfill the required score, you must be finished before 5 July.

The principle one course/one level during summer applied to some of our programmes,  for other courses, all supplementary courses must be finished before 5 July - check with the entry requirements of the programme you are applying for.

Remember to upload documentation

Please remember to state in your application if you take supplementary courses. Documentation must be added to your application on before 5 July, at noon. Later than 5 July, you must send a mail with the documentation to

Are you applying for the Credit Transfer Programme under Business Administration, the exact same deadlines apply, but you must add the documents to your application via AdmissionSDU

NOTE! You are welcome to apply for this year's intake and attend the test-based admission in quota 2 even if you need to take supplementary courses. The deadline for applying is still no later than 15 March, at noon.


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