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Postponed programme start

As a rule, your student place is only valid for the start of the programme for which you have applied. It is therefore not possible to save your place if you do not want to start at the scheduled time. However, in case of special circumstances, you can apply for a postponed programme start. 

When can you apply for postponed programme start?

 You can apply for postponed programme start if any of the following circumstances prevents you from starting the programme. The incident must have occurred after you applied for admission. 

  • Unforeseen illness or accident 
  • Unforeseen illness, accident or death in the immediate family 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Military deployment 
  • Conscription 

If your application is accepted, the start of your studies will be postponed by one year.  

How to apply for a deferred start 
You can only apply for a postponed programme start after you have been offered and accepted a student place.  

You then need to fill in an application form, stating the reasons for applying for a postponed start, and attach any relevant documentation.  

You can apply for a postponed start of studies on 1 September at the latest (and, for spring term start, on 1 February).  

Fill in and submit your application for postponed programme start here

If you have started your studies 

After 1 September (and, for spring term start, 1 February), you can no longer apply for a postponed start. Instead, you may want to explore your options for temporarily suspending your studies, for example by taking a leave of absence or applying for exemption from study activity requirements, etc.  

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Last Updated 02.03.2023