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Postponed programme start

As a general rule you, are enrolled with study start in the next coming academic year. It is not possible to keep your place in the programme if you wish to begin your studies later on.

However, if one of the following circumstances prevent you from beginning your studies now, you can apply for postponed programme start. Please note that the circumstance should have occured after your application for admission:

  • Unforeseen illness or accident
  • Unforeseen illness, accident, or death among close relatives
  • Pregnancy 
  • Military deployment
  • Compulsory military service

If your application is accepted, your programme start will be postponed for one year. 

What to do

Only after you have been offered a study place and accepted this, can you submit your request for postponed programme start. To do so, you must fill out the online form below and remember to upload relevant documentation. 

You can submit your request until September 1. 

If the programme has already started

After September 1 it is no longer possible to apply for a postponed programme start. Instead, you should seek out your options with regards to temporarily pausing your studies - e.g. leave of absence, exemption from compulsory study activities, etc. 

Last Updated 04.07.2022