More about the programme

BSc in international business administration and foreign languages is made up of a business economics and a foreign language component, the emphasis being on the former. The subjects of the foreign language component are taught in the relevant language, whereas the business economics subjects are taught in either Danish, German, or English.

The primary foreign language studied in Flensburg is German (for students with Danish as their mother tongue) or Danish (for students with German as their mother tongue). The secondary foreign language is English.

Note that this BSc crosses borders, which means that teachers as well as fellow students will come from both Germany and Denmark. Also, the German curriculum deviates somewhat from the Danish one.

Study groups
Note that preparing for lectures will take up the majority of the time you spend on your studies. We recommend that you participate in a study group since this will enable you to discuss what you have read, preparing you for the way you will later cooperate with your colleagues on joint projects in a business context.

A semester abroad
Your 5th semester can be spent at a university or college abroad, which gives you the opportunity to strengthen your foreign language competence, among others. The University of Southern Denmark has signed bilateral agreements with a number of universities and business colleges in Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia, etc. 


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