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The choices you make along the way define your future opportunities

The European Master in Tourism Management will offer you a lot of freedom of choice and the opportunity to shape the programme according to your interests: 

  • What do you want to learn in your assignments and projects?
  • Do you want to work alone or with others?
  • What type of problem do you want to work on in your master’s thesis?

On mysdu you can find more about the elements and choices included in the European Master in Tourism Management. When graduating in two years, not two graduates will have the same competences. This means that our graduates can handle many different tasks upon completing their master’s degree. Tasks that match the competences they have developed along the way.You have many options – and to a large extent the choices you make along the way will define your options.

Examples of what graduates have learned and what they do

Below you can read more about what our graduates often gain from their years at SDU and how they contribute in the world. The lists are not exhaustive – you will find lots of graduates who have used their master’s degree programme to learn other things and created a future that you could not possibly have imagined. 

This is one of the strengths of a degree in the humanities.

You learn

Studying European Master in Tourism Management  is a long learning process, where you learn to:

  • strategically manage and make sustainable and effective decisions in high responsibility in tourism institutions.
  • provide future professionals with an integrated knowledge of the dynamics of tourism development and sustainable management.
  • take into account the role of cultural diversity and creativity for innovation and the governance of tourism networks.
  • train to become one of future researchers in the field of tourism management.

You contribute

You can take up a position where you can word as a:

  • international professional consultants.
  • innovative entrepreneurs.
  • government and public administration official.
  • tourism business manager.
  • academic researcher in the field of tourism.