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As a Business Partner with SDU, you have the opportunity to get closer to new talents and potential employees.

For business partners

Your visibility at SDU

In a partnership with SDU RIO, there are different possibilities in relation to communication and the meeting with the students at SDU.

To make it as easy and manageable as possible we have tried to gather all practical and usable information on this page. Should you miss any information for this page to be usable in your collaboration with SDU, please inform us and we will look into it.

If you have any questions, please contact us via mail.

Practical information

As SDU's Business Partner, you have the possibility to show content on SDU RIO's info screens.

You have a time period of 20 seconds available, and you can choose whether you want to display one or three pictures (evenly distributed in the specified time period), or a video without sound.

Content Guidelines

  • The content must be study and / or career relevant, and approved by SDU RIO before it is published.

    Content where promotion of eg. high salaries, good lunch agreement or number of vacation days is in the forefront, will therefore not be approved by SDU.

  • When you submit content, we ask you to decide whether the content should be displayed in all 5 campus cities or in selected campus cities (Odense, Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg).

    Are you in doubt about the study profiles in the individual cities? See the tab 'Study profiles at SDU' on this page.

    Note that special formats apply to Esbjerg.
  • The content must be dynamic, and speak into a relevant need or offer right now.

    Eg. that you participate in an SDU event, opening for applications for graduate programs, relevant courses/events, offers for students and future graduates, etc. There are many exciting angles to address.

    Static content that runs over a long period of time does not provide the desired visibility.

    When the material is sent to us, it is therefore important that you make some considerations about the relevant viewing period. The same material can be visible on the screens for a maximum of  óne month.


To get content on the screens, you must create an image or video that fits in the format below:

Odense, Slagelse, Kolding and Sønderborg: 1920 x 842 pixels
Esbjerg: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Images must be sent individually and be in JPEG format and a minimum of 3 MB.
Video must be sent in MPEG4 format, and be a maximum of 20 seconds.

Content  can be sent to Line Krogh Sundstrup and Simon Kjær Jensen.

Tips for good content

  • Dynamic message that is relevant right now 
  • Keep the message very short and punctual
  • Preferably one language - so if a course is in English, for example, write only in English
  • As large text size as possible
  • Faces work well


Do you have a job posting that could be relevant for SDU profiles?  Create a company profile at SDU Jobbank.

With a company profile you can i.a.:

Filter your candidates:
When you set up a company profile at SDU Jobbank, you can choose specific qualifications that you have for your future employee, and through the data-driven recruitment, you can immediately see how many candidates match your search and needs. 

Target your communication:
You can ensure that your job positions get sent to the relevant candidates using a direct mail campaign, and thereby increase the quality of the applicants. 

Use active recruitment with Graduateland LIVE: 
A digital platform for your employer brand. With Graduateland LIVE you can sort and chat with online candidates in real-time. You can start video-conversations whenever it suits you. You can set up LIVE sessions with specific themes like graduate programmes, job positions etc. This way you can easily and effectively build a talent base for your company.

There are various options for constructing a company profile that meets your requirements By default, it is free to create job posts and make use of Graduateland LIVE. But if you want to optimize your visibility and contact with candidates, you have the opportunity to purchase other solutions. Find opportunities and prices here


Do you need help using the job bank?:

Do you have questions on how SDU job bank works, how to create targeted campaigns via the job bank as a channel or something else, please contact SDU Jobbank via mail or phone: +45 50549929.

A pistop at SDU is a good way to create broad visibility among our students. You will be standing by a cafe table in a cross field at the campus you desire, where the students can enter into a dialogue with you.

Booking pitstops:

If you wish to book a pitstop, please contact Technical Service at email:

When booking a pitstop we ask you to include:

  • The desired date
  • Time period
  • City / Campus
  • If the pitstop is at our campus in Odense, please also include the location at campus you hope for (overview of possible locations)

Attn! Please note that any catering must be ordered through SDU’s canteen at your own expense.

Rules and prices for pitstops at SDU

The price for a pitstop is 500 kr. per hour. All externals, including NGO's, are to pay for this service.

When accepted to a pitstop it is with the expectation that you will not collect any form of signature from the students - neither binding nor non-binding, including subscriptions. It is not allowed to hand out merchandise or goods that are sold in the canteen (e.g. water bottles), without an agreement with Eurest. Selling goods are also not allowed. Lastly, we ask you to pay respect to the ordinary traffic at campus and not stand in the way of any escape routes.

As a Business Partner, you can be included in digital campaigns on SDU’s social media accounts.

Such campaigns will run on the social media channels on an ongoing basis, and we will include you as often as possible when there is a theme suitable for your interests.

To shed light on your company’s interests, we will conduct an annual survey in which you will be asked to specify interests and needs.

As a Business Partner, you will receive an invitation for participating in the survey, but please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the possibilities for your company.

Would you like to collaborate with students within engineering at the Southern University of Denmark?

Click here to read more about the different options and terms and conditions.

The University of Southern Denmark has more than 26,700 students spread out on 5 campuses: Odense, Esbjerg, Kolding, Slagelse and Sønderborg. Below you will find more information about the different campuses and their focus areas. Equal for all campuses is their collaboration with SDU RIO (SDU Research & Innovation Organization), which supports the interaction between research, education, business and the public sector. 

Campus Odense 

The University of Southern Denmark in Odense is the largest SDU campus and at the same time also the Region of Southern Denmark's largest educational institution. Almost all of the university's programs are located here, and the house at Campusvej 55 is housing around 21.000 students and 3.300 employees. 

SDU Odense collaborates with businesses all over Funen and has a strong focus on the development of the Funen robot cluster and drone technology. 

Find the list of programs offered in Odense here.

Campus Esbjerg 

SDU Esbjerg includes research units from the Faculty of Business and Social Science as well as the Faculty of Health Sciences. It is an international campus with a substantial fraction of international staff as well as students. Reflecting this situation, several of the educational programs are run in English and a significant part of the research funding is from international sources. 

SDU Esbjerg collaborates closely with other research groups at the regional hospital in Esbjerg (SVS) and Aalborg University, Esbjerg, as well as with educational programmes at the regional University College (UC SYD) and Business Academy (EASV). 

Find the list of programs offered in Esbjerg here.

Campus Kolding 

University of Southern Denmark Kolding is present throughout Southern Denmark. SDU Kolding offers educations within business economics, IT, communication, innovation, design and tourism. 

SDU Kolding collaborates with local and regional companies, organizations and educational institutions. They collaborate both on activities for their students and on research projects. 

Find the list of programs offered in Kolding here.

Campus Slagelse 

The University of Southern Denmark Slagelse offers bachelor's studies in business economics and international business communication. It is also possible to follow the business economics HD educations, where you can qualify in economics, management and marketing. 

SDU Slagelse collaborates both on activities for their students and on research projects. Many study activities are interdisciplinary and take place in a fruitful collaboration with the local business community. 

Find the list of programs offered in Slagelse here.

Campus Sønderborg 

With researchers and students from more than 50 countries, SDU Sønderborg offers a unique international environment. The university works closely together with the regional companies, which means that graduates from SDU Sønderborg possess the skills that the business community demands. With the unique location of Sønderborg at the gateway to Germany and Europe, the university is also characterized by an extremely strong and well-developed border region research community.

Find the list of programs offered in Sønderborg here.

SDU Sønderborg collaborates with the surrounding community on education and research


Data about SDU's educations

For more information on the individual programmes, please visit the Statistical Yearbook . Here you will find a number of publicly available educational annual accounts of admissions, student population, graduates as well as bachelor and master's applications. This data will be updated annually in October. 


SDU annual cycle of events

Get an overview of larger events at SDU RIO and SDU in general.

The meaning of the events' colors:

  • Dark red: Career events where the target group is all SDU students and newly graduates 
  • Rosy:Targeted career events
  • Sandy: Student vacation, exam etc.
  • Brown: Other events that could have a professional interest for your company
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