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Authority Services

Department of Forensic Medicine undertakes services mainly for the Danish judicial system with investigations of various kinds, but we are also collaborating with authorities such as Arbejdsskadestyrelsen  (National Board of Industrial Injuries in Denmark) and SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration). These services are required by the authorities, and are called 'required work'.


 The Department of Forensic Pathology undertakes services for the Danish Police in connection with people found dead; we help the Police and Arbejdsskadestyrelsen with autopsies, and in more rare cases we help the Police  and the local authorities with investigations of living - clinical forensic medicine.

 The Department of Forensic Chemistry makes services for the Danish Police with investigations of samples from living and dead people; we participate in 'harvest actions' against illegal skunk-breeders. The Department investigates also various items for the Police and SKAT.

The Department of Forensic Anthropology undertakes services for the Danish Police through the department of Forensic Pathology by examinations and investigations of bone findings.

Last Updated 19.10.2023