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Research strategy for OUH and the Department of Clinical Research



Worth knowing

As a PhD student, you are enrolled at the PhD School at the Faculty of Health Sciences with affiliation to the department/institute and research unit where your main supervisor is employed.

As a PhD student with a faculty scholarship, you are an employee at the Department of Regional Health Research for the length of your scholarship. After that, you will be employed at your hospital or research unit. 

Regardless of where you are employed, you are considered an employee at SDU.

As an employee, you should direct any question and comment to the Department of Clinical Research. "Employee" covers: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, postdoc, or PhD student with a Faculty Scholarship.

Contact information for Department of Clinical Research

If you are enroled as a PhD student at the PhD School at Faculty of Health Sciences, direct any question or comment regarding your erolment to the PhD School

As enroled as a PhD student at the Faculty of Regional Health Research, all questions and comments should be directed to the PhD School at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Contact information for the PhD School

Remember: Changes in your PhD enrolment can only be made by the PhD School

Responsible for page: Department of Clinical Research

Last Updated 10.02.2022