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Research projects


Department of Biology:

Biologiske undersøgelser i og omkring den kommende lagune ved Gyldensteen - før og efter oversvømmelse
by Marianne Holmer

Baltic Sea Information on the Acoustic Soundscape - BIAS
by Magnus Wahlberg

Verification of the effectiveness of Ballast Water Treatment Systems 
by Henrik Holbech, Knud Ladegaard Pedersen and Kim Lundgreen
funded by SDU, DHI & the Danish Maritime Fund

Det Maritime Hus
by Marianne Holmer

Det Marine Arktiske Kulstofkredsløb

How oxygen regulates the structure and function of microbial ecosystems 
by Donald Canfield

Microbial oceanography of the oxygen-deficient waters of the eastern trophical South Pacific 
by Donald Canfield

Outreach and communication of marine biology
by Lars Seidelin

Department of Technology and Innovation:

Blue INNOship Subproject: Monitoring and Performance
by Marie Lützen and Hanna Barbara Rasmussen
Partnership funded by Innovation Fund Denmark

Damping Estimation in Operational Modal Analysis 
PhD project by Esben Orlowitz

Estimation of condition and remaining useful lifetime for oil lubricated machinery in ships,
PhD project by Morten Henneberg

by Anders Brandt and Berend Bohlmann, Danish-German Maritime Network within Fatigue Resistance

Maritime Decision Support System for Emission Control
by SDU, DTU and the Danish Maritime Fond


Centre for Maritime Health and Society:

The psychosocial work environment and fatigue in Danish ferry shipping
PhD project by Solveig Bøggild Dorhmann

Project MARTHA
by Zhiwei Zhao

Optimizing the Maritime Telemedical Healthcare System
by Lulu Hjarnø and Kimmo Herttua

Measures in prevention of accidents in fishing in the Nordic countries (ViFAFiN)


Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics:

A Bioeconomic model of ocean acidification in the Baffin Bay/ Davis Strait Shrimp Fishery
by Lars Ravn-Jonsen and Brooks Kaiser

BAAMRGP: Bioeconomic analysis for Arctic Marine Resource Governance and Policy
by Brooks Kaiser and Niels Vestergaard

Noise Signals Value: Trading off marine mammals and seismic survey information
by Maarten Punt and Brooks Kaiser

SHEBA - Sustainable shipping and environment of the Baltic Sea Region
by Eva Roth

Sunk costs equal sunk boats
by Maarten Punt

Upgrading pangas and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh (Bangfish)
by Eva Roth and Dewan Ahsan

Last Updated 27.10.2022