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Yearly Moot Court Competition

Every year the department of law invites its students to participate in a court room competition – a so-called “Moot Court”. The case is fictitious and differs from year to year, but is usually within a subject that has attracted political and/or legal attention in the year leading up to the competition.

Each team is coupled with an attorney who acts as a tutor in relation to both the writing of the statements of case and the oral pleading. The “Moot Court” is supported by sponsors, and there are generous prizes to compete about regarding both the written statements and the oral pleadings.

The competition takes place at the Court of Appeal in Odense, and is adjudicated by the presiding judge of the Court, as well as the head of the Odense Lawyers Association as well as an esteemed lawyer from one of Denmark’s leading law firms.

Quite a few students, who have participated, go on to participate in our international Moot Court Competitions under our Talent Development Program.

For further information contact Assc. prof. Kristina Siig (



Last Updated 19.05.2017