Focus of Workshop

The objectives of this workshop are to review the state-of-the science; to develop strategies, policy and planning recommendations; to identify and evaluate triple net zero initiatives and implementation; and exchange worldwide experience of municipal, military and academic experts.

The ARW will include both talks and “hands-on” tours of industrial, public and private places in Sonderborg where triple net zero is implemented or in the process of being implemented.

This ARW allows for collaboration and collective learning between attendees, facilitating discussion of the current state of triple net zero and long-term and sustainable energy strategies in light of the above goal.

The workshop will focus on ways in which military installations and small cities can implement and integrate triple net planning and energy, water, and waste sustainability strategies into broad installation operational management, arrive at the best decision, create policy and communicate effectively to stakeholders.

Current and emerging technologies, methods, and frameworks for energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy will be explored within the context of triple net zero implementation practice.