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Natasa Loncarevic

Project aim

The project aim is to identify factors under the appropriate theoretical frameworks that can increase evidence informed policy making (EIPM) in public health and health promotion. The study will add to the knowledge base of evidence informed policy making from the perspective of current literature, and on the other hand, from the different capacities, awareness and willingness of policy makers and researchers working with EIPM in public health and health promotion.


Researchers and policy makers realize that the use of research evidence in policy processes can improve decisions and performance of national systems. However, they still struggle with criteria to define when policy making is evidence informed (EIPM). Furthermore, research evidence is still not often incorporated into policy making practice.

Main research questions

1. In which policy phases and to what extent is public health policy making process is evidence informed? (Literature review)

2. Which factors can be identified in policy maker’s research receptor capacity and motivation that have impact on their understanding and use of research evidence in EIPM in the area of public health and health promotion?

3. How are researchers’ awareness, willingness and capacity to communicate research associated with (effective) research communication in EIPM (in the area of public health and health promotion)?


Theoretical frameworks of evidence informed policy making, Knowledge to Action and translating research into public health will guide the study. A systematic literature review, an e-survey among close to 2000 European Public Health Association (EUPHA) Health Policy and Practice Section members as well as qualitative interviews, using focus groups, among policy makers and researchers from the Danish interest group “Research into Practice and Policy “  will be done.

Main supervisor

Arja Aro, Professor, Unit for Health Promotion Research, SDU, co-supervisor: Pernille Tanggaard Andersen, Professor, Unit for Health Promotion Research, SDU.

Time line


Last Updated 20.10.2023