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The Campaign

The main objective is to investigate and prevent drug consumption among young people. The project builds on the knowledge that social norms influence our choices and rejections, especially among young people who feel the need to be like everybody else. The project will inform, but also involve the pupils in a preventive action towards drug use and related risk behaviours.

The students fill in a baseline questionnaire which contains questions on their health and well-being and their consumption of alcohol and drugs. Based on the results the social norms messages are formulated and presented to the students using a Student Response System. This interactive normative feedback provides direct positive information about the student’s exaggerations and misconceptions. This gives the individual a realistic picture of peers’ consumption of alcohol which has been found to be an effective way to reduce the use of different substances.

The messages are emphasizing positive behaviours, as follows:

  • 9 out of 10 students choose not to smoke
  • Fewer students than you might think are drinking alcohol
  • The majority of students rarely drink alcohol


Three months after the baseline survey the students fill in a follow up survey, and the effect of the campaign can be measured.



Key Info

The project is carried out by the Research Unit for Health Promotion at the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg.

The project began in March 2014 and will end in October 2017.

The project consists of:

1. Baseline survey among test and control schools

2. Implementation of  The GOOD Life on test-schools

3. Follow up survey among test and control schools

4. Implementation of The GOOD Life on control schools

5. Development of a website which provides information on the project





Last Updated 01.10.2019