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How to become a member

The EIRA network fosters contact between members of a diverse and growing community interested in evidence-based policy in public health. Membership is free, but you must be an active researcher or practitioner or policy maker with a particular interest in evidence-based policy and practice issues. Benefits include:

• a regular email newsletter, to which you can contribute:
• an opt-in email discussion group;
• access to latest publications, activities, interests and contact details of other members of the network worldwide;
• partnership in research projects;
• an invitational working group based research network.

How to get at the E-mail list

If you are interested in being included in the email list of the EIRA network, please send your contact details together with a short description of your present position, activities and/or interests in the EIRA themes and send the information to the email:

How to be a part of research and working partnership

If you interested in participating as a partner in collaborative research concerning the links between research-practice and policy in public health and health promotion, please contact Prof Arja R. Aro ( and send your suggestion or initiative with the information about your position, academic and/or professional credentials and contact information.

Last Updated 01.04.2019