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PhD. Projects

Ongoing projects

Signe Bedsted Clemmensen, MSc

Cross-Cancer Relationships and Risk Factors of Hematologic Malignancies

Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography, University of Southern Denmark.


Andreas Höhn, MSc
Gender, Hospitalization, and Mortality

Max Planck Research Group: Gender Gaps in Health and Survival, Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research. 

Laura Ekstrøm Løkkegaard, MD
Female sex hormones and cognition in middle-aged and elderly Danish twins

Danish Aging Research Center, University of Southern Denmark.

Completed PhD projects

Dorte Helenius Mikkelsen:
Concordance Rates and Heritability in Schizophrenia, Data from a Danish Twin Cohort
Copenhagen University, Psychiatric Center Sct. Hans, 2019.

Unni Dokkedal:
Change in cognitive function in late life after exposure to anesthesia and surgery
University of Southern Denmark, Danish Aging Research Center, 2017.

Søren Glud Skousgaard:
Symptomatic osteoarthritis of the hip and knee: the significance of genetic and environmental influence. A twin study.
University of Southern Denmark, Occupational and Environmental Clinic, OUH, 2017.

Puk Leick:
The influence of physical activity on sleep quality, diurnal rhythm and their possible relationship with metabolic syndrome – a twin study
University of Southern Denmark, OPEN - Odense Patient data Explorative Network, 2016.

Ane Simony:
Idiopatisk adolescent skoliose, klinisk og epigenetisk studie.
Rygcenter Middelfart, University of Southern Denmark, 2016.

Gunhild Tidemann Christensen:
The association between cognitive function early in life and later mortality. Analyses of potential mechanisms using data from the Danish Conscription Database and the Danish Twin Registry

 Copenhagen University, 2016. 

Linda Juel Ahrenfeldt:
Opposite-sex twins vs. same-sex twins: mortality, cancer, and behaviour
University of Southern Denmark, 2016. 

Frederik Trier Møller:
Familial studies in IBD: Inheritance, prognosis and directions for future research
Hospital Sonderjylland, 2015.

Mikael Thinggaard:
Exceptionelt langt liv – Prædiktorer og metoder til håndtering af manglende information
University of Southern Denmark, 2015.

Shuxia Li:
A comparative study on genetic and environmental influences in metabolic phenotypes in Eastern (Chinese) and Western (Danish) populations.
University of Southern Denmark, 2015.

Christina Prinds:
Motherhood transition through an existential lens – meaning‐making among Danish first‐time mothers.
University of Southern Denmark, 2015.

Vilhelm Engell:
Clubfoot. A study of Heritability and Health-related Quality of Life in a cohort of twins and clinical-, functional- and radiological predictors with the Ponseti method.
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, OUH, 2015.

Rikke Hilker:
The heritability of schizophrenia spectrum disorders - a Danish twin register study
University of Southern Denmark, 2015.

Ingrid Elisabeth Christophersen:
Heritability of atrial fibrillation.
Copenhagen University, 2013.

Christian H. Garm:
Sammenhæng mellem human DNA reparationsaktivitet og normal aldring samt reguleringen af RecQ helikasernes DNA reparationsaktiviteter
University of Aarhus, 2013.

Han Le:
The environmental risk factors and co-morbidity in migraine – a population-based study in twins.
Copenhagen University, 2013.

Mette Sørensen:
Genetic and molecular determinants of human ageing and longevity.
University of Southern Denmark, 2012.

Mia Madsen:
Social Inequality in Health - A Discordant Twin-Pair Design.
University of Southern Denmark, 2011.

Inge Petersen:
Twins and singletons in Denmark in the 20th century: Fertility and morbidity.

University of Southern Denmark, 2011.

Dorthe Grosen:
Oral Cleft Occurence and Familial Aggregation among Danish Twins and Singletons. 70 Years of Follow-up.
University of Southern Denmark, 2010.

Claudia Nordenbaek:
A population-based twin study of Autism Spectrum Disorders.
University of Southern Denmark, 2010.

Pernille Poulsen:
Aetiology of type 2 diabetes and associated defects of metabolism - lessons from twin studies. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2010. (Doctoral Degree)

Anna Oksuzyan: 
Sex differences in health and mortality – a multi-wave survey and register study.

University of Southern Denmark / Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany, 2010.

Anna Natalia Augustsson:
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Analysis of results from Autism Spectrum Streening Questionnaire (ASSQ) in a twin population.
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, OUH, 2009.

Marianne Vámosi:
Psychological Determinants of Obesity. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2008.

Helle Rexbye:
Visual signs of aging - between genetics and culture.
University of Southern Denmark, 2007.

Maria Iachina:
The influence of death of spouse on depression symptomatology, a longitudinal study of elderly Danish twins.
University of Southern Denmark, 2007.

René Fejer:
Neck pain: prevalence, genetic and environmental factors. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2006.

Pia Skov Hansen:
The relative importance of genetic and environmental effects in the regulation of thyroid function and size. A study of healthy Danish twins. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2005.

Line Kessel:
Lens fluorescence as a marker of ageing in relation to heritability, diabetes mellitus, and ischemic heart disease.
Copenhagen University, 2004.

Jesper Leth Hougaard:
Optical Coherence Tomography and the Human Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer. Aspects of methodology, heritability and glaucoma diagnostics.
Copenhagen University, 2004.

Marianne Juel Kjeldsen:
Epilepsi og feberkramper hos tvillinger: Genetiske og miljømæssige ætiologiske faktorer.
University of Southern Denmark, 2003.

Lise Hestbaek:
The natural course of low back pain and early identification of high-risk populations.
University of Southern Denmark, 2003.

Karoline Schousboe:
Body composition and glucose homeostasis: Genes and environment. 

University of Southern Denmark, 2003.

Søren Bak:
Environmental exposures and genetic factors in stroke. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2003. 

Henrik Frederiksen:
Genes and Physical Functioning in Elderly. 

University of Southern Denmark, 2002. 

Claus Bischoff:
Mechanisms and consequences of telomere shortening in aging.

Aarhus University, 2002.

Ivan Iachine:
The use of twin and family survival data in the population studies of aging: statistical methods based on multivariat survival models. 

University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Qihua Tan:
Biodemographic methods for analyzing genetic factors that influence longevity. 

University of Southern Denmark / Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany, 2001.

Morten Gervil:
A genetic-epidemiological investigation of migraine without aura. A population-based twin study.
Copenhagen University, 2001.

Lisbeth Sandal Kortegaard:
Arvelighed af spiseforstyrrelser - belyst ud fra en uselekteret tvillingepopulation.
University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Thomas Heiberg Brix:
Genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of autoimmune thyroid disease. A population-based twin study.
University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Jan Hartvigsen:
Occupational factors and low back pain. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Niels Lyhne:
Øjets refraktion og refraktive komponenter. En populations-baseret tvillingundersøgelse blandt 20 til 45-årige. 

University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Axel Skytthe:
The Danish 1931-1952 Twin Cohorts. The Relative Importance of Genetic and Environmental Factors to Early Death in a Twin Population. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Pernille Poulsen:
Impact of the intrauterine environment in the etiology of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and associated defects of metabolism – evidence from twin studies. 
University of Southern Denmark, 2001.

Lars Erik Bryld:
A genetic-epidemiological study of hand eczema in young adult twins.
Copenhagen University, 1999.

Kaare Christensen:
The 20th Century Danish Facial Cleft Population - Epidemiological and Genetic-Epidemiological Studies. (Doctoral Degree)
University of Southern Denmark, 1999.

Lars R Skadhauge:
Genetic and environmental influence on asthma. Population based study of Danish twins. 
University of Southern Denmark, 1999.

R G Sørensen:
Er oral antiception (OC) en ætiologisk betydende faktor for tvillingefødsler.
Odense University, 1998.

Vibeke Ulrich:
The Inheritance of Migraine with Aura Investigated by Analysis of Twins.

Copenhagen University, 1998.

Niels Løgstrup:
Øjets refraktion og biometri ved insulinkrævende diabetes mellitus - et tvillingestudie.

Odense University, 1997.

Ida E Steffensen:
Kronisk obstruktiv lungelidelse - arv eller miljø?

Bispebjerg Hospital, 1997.

Anders J Svendsen:
The importance of environmental and genetic factors in rheumatoid arthritis. A nation-wide Danish twin study.
Odense University, 1997.

Anne Maria Herskind:
Genetic influence on longevity in Danish twins: A path analysis including the covariates smoking and body mass index.

Odense University, 1996.

Ulla Kläning:
Schizophrenia in twins. Incidence and risk factors.
Aarhus University, 1996.

Philip Hougaard:
Frailty modeller for overlevelsesdata.
Copenhagen University, 1995. (Doctoral Degree)

Kaare Christensen:
Epidemiologi and etiology of cleft lip and/or palate. A genetic-epidemiological study based on 55 Danish birth cohorts with emphasis on selection bias and twin studies.
Odense University, 1994.

Kirsten Ohm Kyvik:
Etablering af en kohorte af tvillinger med henblik på belysning af ætiologiske forhold ved insulinkrævende diabetes mellitus (IDDM).
Odense University, 1994.

Finn Schultz Larsen:
Atopic dermatitis. Etiological studies based on a twin population.
Odense University, 1985. (Doctoral Degree)

Flemming Brandrup:
Aetiological Studies of Psoriasis. A survey.

Odense University, 1985.

Niels V Holm:
Tvillingstudiers anvendelse til belysning af årsagsforholdene for sygdomme af kompleks ætiologi med cancer som eksempel.

Odense Universitet, 1983.

Erik Schiøttz-Cyistensen:
Feberkramper. Studier af Ætiologi og følgetilstande med udgangspunkt i tvillinge undersøgelser.
Odense University, 1976. (Doctoral Degree)

Margit Fischer:
Genetic and Environmental Factors in Schizophrenia. A Study of Schizophrenic Twins and Their Families.

Aarhus University, 1973.

Kaj Gotlieb Jensen:
Peptic Ulcer. Genetic and Epidemiological Aspects Based on Twin studies.
Odense University, 1972. (Doctoral Degree)

Niels Juel-Nielsen:
Individual and Environment. A Psychiatric-Psychological Investigation of Monozygotic Twins Reared Apart.

Odense University, 1965.