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Notes from Stockholm


Notes Dance network group, 3/3-14

Kia Bringert, Örebro university, Sweden
Birgitta Glemne, Linné university, Sweden,
Anders Frisk, Marie Nyberg, Anna Rosén, GIH, Sweden
Reidun Fretland, Högskolan i Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Neringa Baranauskiene, Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas, Lithuania

The meeting started with a short presentation by the members of how dance is a part of the sports education at their universities. There were quite a few universities within Nordplus missing and we agreed that the aim for the next meeting is to have at least one member from all Nordplus universities joining. The presentations showed that there are similarities as well as differences in the amount of ECTS points and time spent on dance/dance teaching. There are also differences when it comes to the aims of dance and how the teaching is organized within especially PET education. We agreed that it would be interesting to learn more and that our network should encourage teacher exchanges within Nordplus. We also agreed that our meetings should provide good examples of dance teaching ideas and dance research as inspiration for us all. Finally we also discussed briefly what kind of research is and has been done regarding dance and dance teaching at the Nordplus universities.

Aims of the Dance group, why go Nordic?
There are more similarities than differences between the Nordic countries how dance is seen on as a part of sports education. We can easily exchange and develop teaching ideas and research among ourselves as teachers/researchers as well as students. We all teach traditional folkdances, many with similar origins. The dance network can be an inspiration for us all when it comes to sharing/developing/strengthening/promoting dance within the field of sports.

Next step
Our next meeting is planned to take place around the 27-29 th of October in Stockholm at GIH. There is a Health Convent at the same time which offers a variety of dance classes suitable for the network members to join as inspiration. Unfortunately there are no special funds yet within Nordplus for this meeting so each member has to find his/her own funding. More information concerning this meeting will be shared on Facebook and through the dance network homepage:ærk/Dans

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