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The view from the inside: Strabo of Amaseia

Jesper Majbom Madsen

This subproject addresses how provincial experienced the imperium Romanum and the cultural influence that was a concomitant of Roman rule. Strabo from Amaseia provides a rare opportunity to see how a man from the region, with roots in the Greek tradition, saw his homeland and the Empire in the first century AD. Strabo describes how Rome civilised the savage nations by introducing the Graeco-Roman urban culture (Dueck 2000, 75-85, 166). Greeks and Romans are seen as united in their efforts to civilise the savage, yet Strabo maintains that Greeks were culturally superior to the politically gifted Romans. This notion may derive from Strabo's own experiences from Pontos, where Roman political and legal institutions framed sustainable civic communities in which the inhabitants followed Greek traditions.

Dueck, D. 2000. Strabo of Amasia: A Greek Man of Letters in Augustan Rome. London.

Last Updated 16.08.2016