Externally funded research projects

Atrial Fibrillation detected by continuous ECG monitoring using implantable loop recorder to prevent stroke in high-risk individuals (LOOP) 
The Danish Council for Independent Research 
The LOOP project is divided into six work packages,  WP 3: Health economics Christian Kronborg (SDU) 

Normative foundations and behavioral implications of non-market allocation (NORMA) 
The Danish Council for Independent Research 
The NORMA project is divided into three work packages, WP 3: Social preference elicitation for health care allocation in situations involving public risk. Dorte Gyrd-Hansen (SDU)

Improving quality of care in Europe (IQCE) 
EU. The EU Horizon 2010 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Project.
The project encompasses 15 PhD positions across a range of European universities. All PhD topics address the challenging task of Improving Quality of Care in Europe. SDU leader Dorte Gyrd-Hansen (SDU)

Breast cancer treatment and socioeconomic outcomes of treated women and their families 
The Danish Council for Independent Research 
Meltem Daysal (SDU)

The impact of antidepressant use on socioeconomic outcomes of treated individuals and their families
The Danish Council for Independent Research 
Mircea Trandafir (SDU)

Should we tax unhealthy food consumption? Evidence using exogenous variation from the Danish “fat tax”
The Danish Council for Independent Research  
Giovanni Mellace (SDU)

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