Demography and Health Economics

Programme coordinators:
Christian Møller Dahl and Peter Sandholt Jensen

This programme aims to conduct research into the health and financial wellbeing of people as they age. We analyse how wellbeing is affected by policy reforms, which may be effective in improving health and financial wellbeing. Related focus areas are possibilities for extending working lives and the broad reach of education. Analyses are based on registry data as well as survey data (SHARE). The strategic project Health, Wealth and Inequality, which is supported by strategic funds from the dean of Social Sciences at University of Southern Denmark constitutes a core activity of this programme.  The Health, Wealth and Inequity project is conducted in close collaboration with the Max-Planck Odense Center on the Biodemography og Aging.

See selected research projects:

  • Preventing the White Death: Tuberculosis Dispensaries.
    Contact: Peter Egedesø Madsen
  • Relaxing monotonicity in the identification of Local Average Treatment Effects. Contact: Giovanni Mellace
  • Demography, Health and Economic Development.
    Contact: Paul Sharp (Frederikke Frehr Kristensen)
  • Competing risks with (dynamic) unobserved heterogeneity
    Contact: Christian Møller Dahl (Ole Emil Sørensen)
  • Should we tax unhealthy food consumption? Evidence using exogenous variation from the Danish “fat tax”.
    Contact: Giovanni Mellace
  • The health effects of “hot summers” and pollution.
    Contact: Christian Møller Dahl


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