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Teaching portfolio

In this context a teaching portfolio is used for job applications, performance and development reviews and to make individual and institutional competences visible internally and externally, i.a.-, for institutional accreditation.

A teaching portfolio is required according to SDU's quality policy:

Each faculty has a standard form of what the teaching portfolio should contain. Read more via the links at the right side of the page.

The teaching portfolio also has great potential as support for learning and development. The portfolio can be used as a frame for each teacher's retention of and reflections on experiences in connection with planning, execution and assessment of many different teaching situations.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is involved in many activities for SDU employees supporting the work with teaching portfolios as a tool for both documenting and development. Please contact Rie Troelsen or Birgitte Madelung for further information.

Creating a teaching portfolio
At the University of Southern Denmark, PURE is used for the creation of teaching portfolios. Go to the tab “My CVs and profile” and create a Teaching CV. Read this guide on how to create CVs in PURE.

PURE only allows the use of text, but if you want to upload images, audio files, video files etc., you can create a supplementary portfolio in Blackboard.  Teaching portfolio templates for each faculty have been created. A user guide that explains how to create a teaching portfolio in Blackboard has been prepared. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to access the user guide.

Portfolio - HUM

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Portfolio - NAT

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Portfolio - SAMF

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Portfolio - SUND

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Portfolio - TEK

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User guide for Blackboard ’s portfolio tool

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