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Study Programmes

Study Programmes

We offer a number of educations, which revolve around the building blocks of life.

NB. Some are taught only in Danish (see below).

Do you want to contribute to revealing the deepest secrets of the cell, help cure future diseases or find the biological needle in the haystack?

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemists and molecular biologists study the molecular functions of living organisms. On the study programmes in Biochemistry and molecular biology you will be taught about cell reactions, proteins and their functions, and the genes of organisms. These are central areas in the research of cancer, diabetes and infectious diseases.


In Biomedicine you set out to deeply explore the human body. You learn about diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers disease at the molecular, cellular and physiological level - thereby building an important bridge between natural sciences and medicine.

Computational biomedicine

Computer-based methods for modelling, simulation and statistics play a fundamental role in modern science and health research, along with databases and bioinformatics. The Master's degree programme in Computational biomedicine has a focus towards applied computation al projects associated with the health sector and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Student Project

How to get involved in a research project at BMB

Student projects

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iPads in wet lab teaching

Read about how we implement iPads in teaching

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