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Irina Kratchmarova

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 2494

Irina Kratchmarova holds a position as Associate professor the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark. She completed her Master study in Molecular Biology and Human Physiology in 1997 at Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria. Irina obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in 2001 from the University of Southern Denmark. Following post-doctoral study at the group of Prof. Matthias Mann at the University of Southern Denmark, she became a Research Associate professor in 2005 and Associate Professor in 2011.

Major focus of Irina’s research group is the investigation of communication of cells, tissues and organs that is critical for the maintenance of the entire body homeostasis. In particular, we study factors secreted by different types of mammalian cells and systems that can contribute to the development of complex and often incurable diseases, such as metabolic disorders and the inherited complications connected with them. We target the entire secretomes of cells during specific processes of differentiation and disease models using state-of-the-art quantitative proteomics, bioinformatics and complementary molecular biology approaches. Our research is primarily directed at investigation of the mechanisms underlying the differentiation program of myotubes, adipocytes and osteocytes to obtain new insights into the regulation and control of complex cellular processes during the differentiation program of mesenchymal stem cells.


Head of research: Associate professor, PhD Irina Kratchmarova

Researchers and research group: Irina Kratchmarova Lab

A complete list of publications by Irina Kratchmarova can be found here.


Part of the Research section of Biomedical Mass Spectrometry at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology