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Finn Kirpekar

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 2414

Finn Kirpekar is an Associate Professor at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SDU. He is furthermore Head of Studies for most study programmes at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. He has an educational background in Cell Biology/Molecular Biology from Odense University (DK), combined with a post-doctoral stay at Institute of Medical Physics, University of Münster (Germany). This has led to pioneering work on the application of mass spectrometry in nucleic acid analysis, especially investigations regarding RNA modifications.
Finn Kirpekar’s current research interests include the function and significance of (ribosomal) RNA modifications, which is studied by a combination of Omics approaches and molecular biology techniques. Development of mass spectrometry-based techniques for analysis of RNA modifications, as well as fundamental aspects of this analytical combination are of continue interest. Additionally, he takes an interest in antibiotic resistance induced by e.g. modifications of ribosomal RNA. Administrative duties include quality assurance of the faculty’s study programmes, participation in the improvement and development of the studies at all levels as well participation in the work of the faculty’s study board.
Finn Kirpekar is affiliated with both the Research Unit for Molecular Microbiology and the Protein Research Group, which include fully equipped molecular biology lab facilities and state-of-art mass spectrometry equipment


Head of research: Associate professor, PhD Finn Kirpekar

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