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Christer S. Ejsing

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 2424

Our research focuses on the development and applications of mass spectrometry-based lipidomics and proteomics technologies for systems biology studies of lipid metabolism and its regulation in health and disease. We use state-of-the-art mass spectrometry technology, deploy integrated proteomics and lipidomics workflows and execute functional studies to characterize the molecular underpinning of lipid homeostasis in a variety of model organisms.

Selected publications (for full list see here: PubMed):

Lipid molecular timeline profiling reveals diurnal crosstalk between the liver and circulation.

Sprenger et al.,

Cell Rep. 2021 34(5):108710.


Phosphoproteomic Analysis across the Yeast Life Cycle Reveals Control of Fatty Acyl Chain Length by Phosphorylation of the Fatty Acid Synthase Complex.

Martínez-Montañés et al.,

Cell Rep. 2020 32(6):108024.


MIGA2 Links Mitochondria, the ER, and Lipid Droplets and Promotes De Novo Lipogenesis in Adipocytes.

Freyre et al.,

Mol Cell. 2019 76(5):811-825.


Automated, parallel mass spectrometry imaging and structural identification of lipids.

Ellis et al.,

Nat Methods. 2018 15(7):515-518.


Head of research: Associate professor, PhD Christer Ejsing

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A complete list of publications by  Christer Ejsing can be found here.

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