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The Hede Nielsen Family Foundation

The foundation is a non-profit foundation that receives 1200-1500 applications annually, primarily for further education, research, art and culture.

Certain applicants are prioritized locally, while the overall objective of the Fund is to support candidates who are considered by the presidency and the board for the benefit and promotion of Denmark in general.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide support for cultural, scientific, social and educational purposes as well as other charitable purposes which, according to the discretion of the Board, may be considered as equivalent.

Applications received are processed on a regular basis, while the annual HN Price of 1 million. DKK can not be sought, but can be set by the chairmanship of the board of directors.

The Fund does not provide social support for individuals or commercial purposes, including, for example, book or CD releases.

The fund can be searched all year. The Fund annually allocates 5-8 million. DKK, including the HN Price of DKK 1 million.

Further information here.

Last Updated 18.10.2017