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SDU's new Gender Equality initiative is featured in the news

The Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende covers SDU's new Gender Equality initiative and the establishment of the Gender Equality Team.

SDU's new Gender Equality initiative was featured in the January 5th 2018 edition of the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende. The article is available (in Danish) online

In the article, SDU's Gender Equality Team contributes with information about the initiative's specific focus on recruitment processes, on unconscious bias, and on an informed gender equality endeavor. The latter encompasses, among other things, the establishment of a GenderDatawarehouse with gender equality data about SDU.

You can read more about the focus areas of SDU's gender equality initiative here.

The new Gender Equality initiative was also featured  on the Danish P4/Fyn radio on January 30th 2018. As part of the morning program's feature focus on gender equality, the hosts had interviewed academics employed at SDU. Chair of SDU's central Gender Equality Committee and Dean of the Faculty of Science Martin Zachariasen was also interviewed for the program.

Editing was completed: 05.01.2018